The Smart Sparrow Tool Link is not enabled by default in Learning@Griffith. To enable it, follow the steps below.

  1. In your course/organisation site, expand the Customisation item in the menu, then click Tool Availability

    Tool Availability Link in Learning@Griffith

  2. Scroll down to Smart Sparrow and tick the box in the right column ("Available in content area"), then click Submit

    Tool List in Learning@Griffith showing the Smart Sparrow item that can be enabled

  3. Smart Sparrow will now be available to you within this course/organisation site (you will need to repeat these steps for other sites in which you wish to enable Smart Sparrow)

Deploying a lesson outside of Learning@Griffith

In most cases, you will want to follow the instructions above to enable Smart Sparrow for use from within your Learning@Griffith site. On rare occasions when you want a lesson accessible from outside Learning@Griffith (e.g. continuing professional development, staff training, lessons for pre-enrolment (e.g.
bridging courses), anonymous analytics), please see the Deploying a lesson outside Learning@Griffith page.