Follow these instructions to deploy your lesson inside Learning@Griffith, which will allow integration with the Mark Centre and the ability to track student progress.

Before you begin

You will need to have a lesson already created within Smart Sparrow. If you have not done this, please follow the steps at Using Smart Sparrow to plan and build a lesson.

Create a Class

Smart Sparrow Class Deployment

A "Class" in Smart Sparrow is a container for the lesson(s) you wish to make available to your students. The easiest way to think about this is that a Class relates to a Course site, so any lessons you want to be available in your Course site should be contained in a Class for that Course site.

  1. While logged into Smart Sparrow, go to Classes in the top menu

    Main Menu Lessons Link

  2. Click New Class

    New Class Button

  3. Give the Class a name. To avoid confusion, it is best to name your class according to your Course site name, study period and campus, e.g. 1001ABC Trimester 1 2019, Nathan (or use your full course code, e.g. 1001ABC_3191_NA)
  4. You may also set a class end date here (e.g. the end of the study period) or you can manually finish the class later. Finishing a class closes of access to students and moves it to your archive to help keep your Class list organised.
  5. Choose I will use my LMS from the How will students be enrolled? setting. This will mean students will be able to view your lesson when they click through from the link you will create in Learning@Griffith.

    Student Enrollment Options

  6. Click Create Class

Your class will be created and will open on the Students page. The next step will be to add lessons to this Class.

Add Lessons to your Class

To undertake this step, you will need to have a lesson already created within Smart Sparrow. If you have not done this, please follow the steps at Using Smart Sparrow to plan and build a lesson.

After creating your Class following the steps above, follow these instructions to add lessons to that Class:

  1. Click the Lessons link within your Class' menu

    Class Menu - Lessons Link

  2. Click Add Lessons

    Add Lessons Button

  3. In the Select a Lesson box, start typing the name of the lesson you wish to add into the Search Lessons field. Click to select the lesson when it appears in the list.
  4. The Deployment Settings will then display:
    1. Lesson Availability allows you to set a start and end date for a specific lesson within the Class. Note that students' access to the lesson will be closed on the end date you specify. This is optional.
    2. Lesson Attempts allows you to determine whether students can attempt the lesson more than once and whether they need to finish their current lesson attempt before another attempt is possible.
    3. Grade Reporting determines whether marks will be sent back to the Mark Centre in Learning@Griffith and, if so, which mark should be sent (e.g. the last attempt mark, highest mark, average mark, etc., if using multiple attempts).

      Note: Enabling Grade Reporting retrospectively can be unreliable, so if there is any chance you would like marks from this lesson reported to the Mark Centre, you should enable this now.

      Grade Reporting Option

  5. Click Next
  6. Review the settings, then click Confirm
  7. The Deployment Added message confirms that the lesson has been added to the class. Click Finish.
    Note: As we will be deploying the lesson using the Smart Sparrow Tool Link in Learning@Griffith, the Lesson Link displayed will not be used.

Adding a Lesson to your Course site

There are two ways of adding a Lesson to your Course site. The first is via a Smart Sparrow tool link. If this method does not work for you, the second option is to use a standard Web Link.

Method 1: Smart Sparrow Tool Link

After Enabling Smart Sparrow in your course site, complete the following steps to set up an access point to Smart Sparrow for your students:

  1. Enter any Content area of your site
  2. Choose Tools > Smart Sparrow

    Tools menu in Learning@Griffith

  3. Enter the Name of the lesson/activity you'd like to set up in Smart Sparrow (if you do not yet have a lesson name in mind, you can enter any name here and then change it later by editing this item)
  4. Adjust other settings on this page as you see fit (these can be modified later, if necessary, by editing this item):
    1. Edit the Description and Attachments, as you would with any other Content item
    2. Enable "Evaluation" under the Marking heading (this will create a column in the Mark Centre for this Smart Sparrow Lesson. It is highly recommended that "Enable Evaluation" is set to "Yes", even if you do not immediately intend to apply marks to your Smart Sparrow lesson, as this option will not work if you try to apply it retrospectively. This will create a Mark Centre column. Set Points Possible to "0" if you do not intend to use it yet.)
    3. Choose whether this item is to be made visible to students as yet and whether to track the number of views (for students to see your lesson, ensure that "Permit Users to View this Content" is set to "Yes").
  5. Click Submit to create the item
  6. The Smart Sparrow lesson link will appear in your content area like a web link

    Smart Sparrow Lesson Link as it appears in Learning@Griffith - like a web link

  7. Click the lesson link that was just created. The first time you click this link, you will be prompted to Create or Select a Class. If you followed the steps above under "Create a Class", the Class creation is already done, so choose the second option, Select an existing Class from your Workspace. (Note: this step will not appear if you have already associated a Smart Sparrow Class with your course)

    Choose or create a class

  8. Choose the Class you created earlier and click Next. Note that if you have a long list of Classes, you may need to use the Search tool to find the right one. (Note: this step will not appear if you have already associated a Smart Sparrow Class with your course)

    Choose a class

  9. Choose the Lesson you'd like students to access when they click the link in your Course site.

    1. If you followed the steps above under "Add Lessons to your Class", you should switch to "In This Class" to find that lesson and select it
    2. If you have not yet added lessons to your class, you can view all of your lessons under "All Lessons". The Lesson you choose will then be added to this Class.

    Choose a Lesson

    Select the Lesson and click Done.

  10. A confirmation message will appear indicating that the lesson will be accessible to your students via your Course site. To return to your Course site, use the links in the breadcrumb trail in the top left corner of the screen.

    Learning@Griffith Breadcrumb Trail located in the top-left corner of the screen

Method 2: Web Link

Insructions for adding a Smart Sparrow Lesson link via standard Web Link can be found in the Smart Sparrow Support site.

Additional Information

To find out more about creating, deploying and managing classes, see the Creating a Class guide in the Smart Sparrow Support site.

Deploying your lesson outside of Learning@Griffith

On the rare occasion that you want a lesson accessible from outside Learning@Griffith (e.g. continuing professional development, staff training, lessons for pre-enrolment (e.g. bridging courses), anonymous analytics), please see the Deploying a lesson outside Learning@Griffith page.