Note: These instructions are for creating a new lesson from scratch. You may wish to consider whether there is an existing lesson available that you can adapt.

Initial Set-up

  1. Once you have accessed Smart Sparrow, locate the Smart Sparrow menu near the top of the page and click Lessons to access your lessons list.

  2. To create a new lesson, click the Create a Lesson button to the left of the page.

    The Smart Sparrow Authoring Tool will open.

  3. Give your lesson a name by clicking the name field, which is above the Screens list to the left. By default, the lesson name is "Untitled Lesson". Type a new name into this field.

  4. There will be one screen added to your lesson already - "Untitled Screen". This title can be changed by clicking that placeholder title and typing a new name.

Next steps

This has set you up with a basic lesson to begin working within. The next steps will be: