Note: this instructions refer to the practice of finding an existing lesson, built by someone else, and adapting it (i.e. creating a copy that sits within your own Lessons list for you to work with). If you are simply wanting to make a copy of a lesson that is already in your Lessons list, please refer to Duplicating a Lesson.

Finding Lessons to Adapt

In Smart Sparrow, you may have been invited to a "Loop", which is a repository of lessons, usually available for adaptation. One example is the Smart Sparrow Loop to which you should be a member after you've first accessed Smart Sparrow.

You can find other loops containing lessons to adapt below:

Joining a Loop

For the external lesson repositories listed above, you will need to register separately, using your Griffith University credentials. These repositories usually have a "Sign up" or "Join" link where you can do this. Once you are granted access, you will find that browsing them is a similar experience to browsing any other Loop. Provided you've signed up with your Griffith University credentials, the repository should recognise your association with a Smart Sparrow account, and display the "Adapt It" button on lessons within the repository, provided they are available for adaptation.

For all other Loops contained on (like the Griffith University Loop), follow these instructions to join:

  1. Access the Loop page via the link you've been provided (this may have come from a colleague in an invitation email, or could be linked from a web page like this one)
  2. Click the Join button in the top-right corner

    Join Button

  3. A message will display, indicating you've been added to the Loop. You can then browse the lessons within the Loop.

Adapting a Lesson

  • Once you are inside a Loop, click the Lesson you wish to open from the "Loop Content" list. The lesson information page will open.
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, click Adapt It

    Adapt It Button

  • A copy of the lesson will be added to your Lessons list that you can edit without affecting the original. Click Lessons from the Smart Sparrow menu to find the copied lesson there.

    Smart Sparrow Menu showing the Lessons link