Analytics reports in Smart Sparrow provide information on how your students are performing, e.g. answers provided to questions, time spent on a lesson, etc. This information is specific to each deployment of your lesson, i.e. each separate Class into which you deploy your lesson will have separate analytics for that lesson.

Smart Sparrow Class Deployment

There are a couple of ways to access analytics for a lesson deployment, as outlined below.

Before you begin

Log into Smart Sparrow using the Log in link in the top right corner at

Additional instructions for logging in and resetting your password can be found in the Logging into Smart Sparrow guide.

Accessing Deployment Analytics via Lesson

To access analytics via a Lesson:

  1. Click the Lessons link in the top menu
  2. Find your Lesson in the list, or use the search tool
  3. Click the Lesson to open the Lesson Overview page
  4. Click Analytics in the Lesson menu

    Lesson menu showing Analytics link

  5. Use the Choose a Filter dropdown to select the Analytics Report you would like to view.

    Analytics Report Options

    See Analytics Report Types below for more information on each report.

  6. Choose the Class Deployment for which you'd like to view this Analytics Report.

    Choose a Class dropdown for Analytics Report

    Note: As Lessons can be deployed to multiple Classes, there are separate Analytics Reports for each deployment.

    Note: If your lesson was deployed using the legacy activation method (i.e. a direct link to the Lesson from Learning@Griffith without creating a Class), Smart Sparrow will have placed this lesson into an automatically-created Class called "Activation".

    Note: More information on Classes can be found in the Deploying a Lesson guide.

  7. The Analytics Report will display. See Analytics Report Types below for more information on each report.

Accessing Deployment Analytics via Class

To access analytics via a Class:

  1. Click the Classes link in the top menu
  2. Find the Class from the list
  3. Click the Class to view it
  4. Click Lessons in the Class menu

    Class Menu - Lessons Link

  5. Find the lesson deployment for which you'd like to view analytics and click the down arrow to the right of that lesson

    Lessons list showing right arrow

  6. Select Analytics

    Lessons list showing analytics option

  7. The Overview displays by default. Other Analytics Reports are available from the dropdown list:

    Analytics Report Options

    See Analytics Report Types below for more information on each report.

Analytics Report Types


This report provides general information on student marks, lesson completion, time spent on the lesson and student traffic.

For detailed information see the "Analytics Overview" section in Smart Sparrow's Viewing Student Results & Responses guide.

Question Explorer

This report shows all of the screens in your lesson and some overall statistics on student behaviour on each (average mark on this screen, median time spent on this screen, average number of attempts on this screen, number of students who attempted this screen).

Clicking on a screen will display the Question Details (see below for more information)

For more information, see Smart Sparrow's Question Explorer help guide.

Question Details (accessible from within the Question Explorer)

This report looks specifically at the student behaviour that occurred on a particular screen, e.g. how many attempts a student made on the screen (via the "Solution Trace Graph") and responses provided.

For more information, see Smart Sparrow's Question Details help guide.

Student Results

This report provides an overview of marks and time spent on a lesson and then breaks that down into a table that shows this information for each student. This table can be exported to a CSV file.

From here, you can also choose "Responses" to view each question and how students responded (for all attempts they made at each screen). This report can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

For more information on Student Results and Responses, see Smart Sparrow's Student Results guide.

More Information on Analytics

To find out more about Smart Sparrow Analytics Reports, see Smart Sparrow's Analytics Help Guide.

Additional Class-specific Reports are also available from the Reports menu when you're viewing a Class:

  • Class Summary: Lists all students in the class and shows if they have started and completed a lesson, and what score they received.
  • Student Report: Allows you to view the progress, score and number of attempts for a specific student.
  • Lesson Report: Similar to the Student Report, but shows this information for all students in a table for a particular Lesson within your Class.
  • Answers Report: shows answers provided for specific components used in a Lesson. See the Answers Report guide for more information.
  • Manual Grading Report: shows manually marked questions and provide the opportunity to mark them. Only applicable if you have questions that need manual marking. See the Manual Grading Report guide for more information.