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Smart Sparrow is your Adaptive Learning Environment

Smart Sparrow is an adaptive learning platform that is used to create “lessons” or activities that can have alternative pathways and customised feedback built in for a more tailored user experience. It includes an authoring tool that allows educators to build lessons for their students, and an analytics tool to assist with reviewing and refining lessons based on user experiences.

What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive Learning allows activities to be tailored according to students’ learning needs by offering alternative pathways, customised feedback and remedial activities to help students arrive at the correct answers to questions themselves in situations where they may not provide the correct response the first time around.

Using Smart Sparrow

Get started with Smart Sparrow in six steps. You will also find help guides here for more specific features.


Where to go for support with using Smart Sparrow.

Adaptive Learning image used with permission from Smart Sparrow.