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December 14, 2018

Case Study – An Insolvency Pracademic Experience

Dr Jennifer Dickfos Griffith Law School During February to April of 2018, as part of my approved study program,I engaged in a pracademic experience at Worrells Solvency Accountants. For those unfamiliar with the term, a pracademic may be narrowly described as a person who is dually recognised as an expert in both academic and professional ...

December 04, 2018

COP 24 Katowice, Poland: The Sign of Things to Come?

By Dr Tim Cadman Griffith Law School The first thing to greet delegates at the 24th Conference of the Parties (COP 24) once they emerge from the remotely located airport of Katowice, besides the cold, is the smell of burning coal. On the long bus ride into town those that look out of the window ...

November 29, 2018

Buddhist Constitutionalism: A Short Prelude to the Constitutional Crisis in Sri Lanka

By Dr Roshan de Silva-Wijeyeratne Griffith Law School There are some 350 million Buddhist around the world from South and South East Asia to Russia and Western Europe. While debates about Monastic Law in South and Southeast Asia have dominated Buddhist Studies ever since Max Weber’s early contribution, only recently have scholars started to inquire into ...

November 28, 2018

Exploring inclusive palm oil production

By Dr Tim Cadman Griffith Law School What is Inclusiveness? Simply put, inclusiveness can be understood in terms of access and weight. Access refers to making sure all stakeholders are admitted into venues of power where decisions are made, while weight refers to ensuring their input is balanced in relation to other interests. Financing inclusive sustainable development of ...

November 23, 2018

Do Australian Farmers need a Right to Repair?

By Associate Professor Leanne Wiseman Griffith Law School In the past decade, we have seen a rapid increase in the products Australians use everyday that now require a computer program to enable the device to operate. It is as a result of this, that we are now seeing the impact that copyright (and the regime ...

November 21, 2018

Professional Futures Conference supported by Vice Chancellor Elect

“Griffith University has developed a full range of professional courses over the last 26 years starting with accounting, law and some specialised areas of engineering and moving to include medicine, dentistry, nursing and midwifery, allied health, architecture, a full complement of engineering qualifications, and journalism. We are now assisting in efforts to professionalise banking and finance. ...

November 18, 2018

Are professions merely a set of outcomes? Where Susskind got it wrong.

By Professor John Flood Professor of Law and Society Griffith Law School Richard Susskind has recently published a short paper arguing people don’t want professionals, they want solutions and answers. The paper then criticises professions for being more concerned with themselves than the people they serve. All in all, there is little wrong with this ...

November 08, 2018

Griffith experts to prepare Human Rights Bill submission

Griffith’s law experts will meet next week to discuss the impact of the proposed Human Rights Act in Queensland.

November 05, 2018

Griffith Law School academics welcome Qld’s Human Rights Act

Griffith Law School academics welcome Queensland’s Human Rights Act Bill and are available for comment  Associate Professor Sue Harris-Rimmer, Australian Research Council Future Fellow says: “This is an important bill for Queensland, especially remote and regional Queensland. This bill will focus on equity for all Queenslanders in access to government services.” Professor Penelope Mathew is a ...

November 04, 2018

Regulating Animal Protection: The Impetus for Reform

By Dr Steven White Griffith Law School Issues of animal protection continue to command significant attention in a crowded national policy and political agenda. The harm experienced by animals exported live to south-east Asia and the Middle East is regularly highlighted in investigative exposés, most recently in April of this year when 60 Minutes screened ...

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