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Griffith secures grant for student-run tax clinic

26 Jul 2019

By Professor Brett Freudenberg Professor Tax Law Griffith University was successful in securing a $100,000 grant from the Federal Government to...

Visualising data in an age of institutional complexity

19 Jul 2019

By Tim Cadman Research Fellow, Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law The title of this blog, and the research projects described below, are a...

No country for senior women: Australia’s international relations still preserve of men

12 Jul 2019

By Elise Stephenson and Dr Susan Harris Rimmer Griffith Law School Today, the Lowy Institute launched the largest study ever on gender diversity in...

Universities as places of sanctuary

08 Jul 2019

By Jovana Mastilovic Griffith Law School In November 2018, Soumi Gopalakrishnan shared her story with the ABC.[1] Despite graduating Year 12 top of...

Griffith excels in global academic rankings – achieving the best position of all Australian...

27 Jun 2019

Griffith has achieved the top spot of any Australian uni in the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019, ranked second globally for...

Thinking of “Bills of Rights” as Love Letters to Our Children’s Children’s Children’s Children

21 Jun 2019

By Donald K. Anton Director, Law Futures Centre At the end of May 2019, former High Court Justice, Michael Kirby, in an appearance before the...

Statement on open access journals

14 Jun 2019

By Dr Tim Cadman Griffith Law School Statement on open access journals

Book up: the issue that fell through the cracks of the Banking Royal Commission but landed in the...

21 May 2019

By Dr Heron Loban Senior Lecturer, Griffith Law School Book up is a type of informal credit extended by a business (usually a store) to a consumer...

Legislative reform offers new options at the end of life

03 May 2019

By Dr Jayne Hewitt Law Futures Centre In May 1995 the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly passed the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995 (NT),...

Griffith lends expertise to $329m marine research centre

23 Apr 2019

Seafood, marine renewable energy and offshore marine engineering experts unite for Blue Economy Coorperative Research Centre.

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