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Boost your employability fast with a job-ready certificate. They are mapped to identified national priorities in high-demand fields and designed to provide skills in areas such as sustainability, public health and education that are critical in the contemporary job market.

Offered for 2021 commencement only with savings up to 80% as part of the Australian Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package, the certificates are available with Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP). If you are eligible, you will benefit from a fee subsidy from the Australian Government. Places are limited so find out if you are eligible today.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students will benefit from the job-ready certificates. They allow you to gain a university qualification that is recognised by employers and which could also be a launching pad to further study.

With a range of certificates to choose from, in business, engineering, health and science, this is an opportunity for you to upskill and advance your career prospects with a certificate aligned with your interests. It will give you the credentials you need to play your part in the emerging economy and set a new path for your future.

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* 2021 indicative annual CSP fee. Applicable to Job-ready certificates commenced in 2021 only.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between an undergraduate certificate and a graduate certificate? Which should I choose?

Developed in response to the economic impact of COVID -19, undergraduate certificates are a new formal higher education qualification that provides knowledge and skills that you can use to boost your employability or put towards further study such as a bachelor degree. As they are only six months in duration, undergraduate certificates enable you to gain a university qualification sooner as well as provide you a good opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ an undergraduate degree. An undergraduate certificate best suits someone who has completed year 12 but has never undertaken a bachelor degree and has limited, relevant work experience for their chosen field of study.

Also designed to quickly upskill you and boost your employability, graduate certificates suit students who have previously completed a bachelor degree and/or can demonstrate extensive work experience in their chosen field of study. Graduate certificates can be completed in as little as six months and can be used as a qualification on its own or towards further postgraduate study such as a masters degree.

What does assumed knowledge of English mean in relation to undergraduate Certificate entry requirements?

Whilst you do not have to demonstrate that you have successfully completed English or equivalent to Year 12 to gain entry to an undergraduate certificate, it is assumed that through your senior secondary school studies, or equivalent, you will have achieved a satisfactory level of knowledge in English.

Can I use prior informal or non-formal study or work experience to gain credit into a graduate certificate?

Yes, you can apply for credit for prior learning, which can reduce the time it will take to complete your certificate. Credit can be awarded for formal study, non-formal learning such as workplace training, and informal learning such as work, social, family, hobby and leisure activities. For further information refer to our credit transfer page.

Upon the successful completion of my certificate, can I gain admissions and credit toward a further qualification?

Yes, both undergraduate and graduate certificates offer pathways to further study at Griffith, with credit offered where relevant.

Can I study part-time?

Yes, you can. Our job-ready certificates consist of four courses (subjects) offered during our twelve-week trimesters. You may enrol in less than four courses and choose to study part-time, but to be eligible for funding you will need to make sure you enrol in the certificate in 2021.

If at the end of trimester 3, 2021 you have more courses (subjects) to complete, these courses will still be charged at the reduced, Commonwealth supported fee rate.

Will lectures and workshops be recorded so I can watch them later or will I have to watch them live?

Yes, Griffith is committed to flexible delivery allowing you to participate in your studies through online or a mix of online and face-to-face delivery. This means our sessions are recorded and you can review them. However, we encourage you to join live sessions as much as practical to have the rich interaction with your class and the lecturers.

Admissions and Enrolment

Can I apply to study an undergraduate or graduate certificate through QTAC?

No, you need to apply directly to Griffith University for one of our job-ready certificates. Simply choose your certificate from our website and click on ‘Apply’.

When can I enrol in the undergraduate and graduate certificates Griffith is offering as part of the Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package?

Griffith’s job-ready certificates are available to commence in 2021 only. For further information on application and enrolment dates, refer to our academic calendar and key dates page.

Can I defer my offer for a job-ready undergraduate or graduate certificate?

Study of any of the job-ready certificates must commence in 2021. Therefore, deferring an offer for a certificate is not permitted.

As an international student, can I study a undergraduate or graduate certificate as part of the Australian Government’s Job- ready Graduates Package?

These certificates are only available to study if you are:

  • an Australian citizen, who will undertake in Australia at least one course with your provider
  • an Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder, and will be resident in Australia for the duration of your courses
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen who holds a SCV* and will be resident in Australia for the duration of your courses.


Will I be able to get any support with my learning if I haven’t studied at university before or it's been a long time?

Yes, at Griffith we are committed to your successful studies. To help you get settled into university life, we support you as soon as you’re made an offer through a personalised online orientation and induction, with the chance to engage with other students in online forums. For more information, visit orientation.

You can also participate in our Earlybird workshops or upskill at your own pace with the libraries’ study modules designed to develop your academic, digital and library research skills. For more information, visit Library study.

Griffith’ library resources offers a range of learning support services that are available online 24/7. Library staff are also able to answer your questions and provide advice on the phone and through web chat during AEST business hours.

You can access Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) for a wide range of courses. PASS is facilitated by student leaders who have previously completed the course and achieved excellent results. Participating in PASS will help you improve your grades, better understand course content, break down complex ideas and could even save you hours with smarter study methods. For further information, visit Peer Assisted Study Sessions.

What do I need to prepare for learning online?

If you have not taken a course online before, we recommend you visit our Thrive Online site where you will find advice from current Digital campus students to help you prepare for and navigate online study.

Most courses will require:

  • a modern device (less than five years old)
  • headphones
  • access to Wi-Fi

For more information, visit:


Does everyone who applies for a job-ready certificate in 2021 get the ‘discounted' rate?

No, so we encourage you to apply as early as possible. Quotas are applied for admission to Griffith’s job-ready certificates with a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). Where demand exceeds the number of available CSP places, not all eligible applicants who meet minimum program entry requirements may be offered a CSP place. If you are not successful in gaining a CSP, you may be eligible for a standard (full fee) rate for domestic students.

How much will my fees be for the certificates Griffith is offering under the Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package?

You can find indicative fees for each specific job-ready certificate via our website. You can also find out more about tuition fees at Paying Your Fees. The discount, which varies per certificate, has been decided by the Australian Government based on national priorities as part of the Australian Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package. The Government subsidy is a one-off government incentive for study commencing in 2021 only. The subsidy the Government provides is taken from the standard indicative fee.

I am already enrolled in a graduate certificate and have completed some courses, can I take advantage of reduced fees via a Commonwealth supported place to complete the remainder of my degree?

No, Commonwealth supported places are only available to new students commencing one of our job-ready certificates in 2021.

Can I defer the fees for my undergraduate or graduate certificate?

You may be eligible to defer your fees to a HECS-HELP loan if you are either:

  • an Australian citizen, who will undertake in Australia at least one course with your provider
  • an Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder, and will be resident in Australia for the duration of your courses
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen who holds a Special Category visa (SCV)* and will be resident in Australia for the duration of your courses.

and you

  • are enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place
  • have provided your valid Tax File Number

You can visit Government HELP loans and/or Study Assist for further information.

If I am an Australian citizen living overseas but I am studying online, am I be eligible to receive a HECS-HELP loan?

Unfortunately, no. HECS-HELP is not available to Australians living overseas.

Can I pay my tuition fees for my Certificate in instalments using an APP?

No. Commonwealth supported students cannot apply for an APP for their student contribution charges. For further information on the student financial support services we offer at Griffith, visit student support.

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