Meaningful change that lasts

For the past 27 years, we have been bringing together the expertise and knowledge of Griffith University academic groups and research centres to create a lasting impact throughout the world. For example:

  • supporting the regional management of climate change information in the Pacific Region
  • Water management in urban settings in Indonesia
  • Human resource development in Bhutan.

Case studies

sri lanka

Transparent fiscal policies for Sri Lanka

Our impact

  • Strengthening the capacity for design and formulation of effective and transparent fiscal policies at the Ministry of Finance, Sri Lanka.
  • Establishing relationships between Sri Lanka's Ministry of Finance and Australian Federal and State Government counterparts.
  • Developing research skills relevant to fiscal policy issues for sound analysis of macroeconomic policies.

Project details

Title: Australia Award Fellowship "Macroeconomics, Sri Lanka" 2017.

Attendees: 14 Fellows from Sri Lanka's Ministry of Finance.

Course: Four-weeks' study at Griffith University, including site visits to Canberra's Commonwealth Treasury, Department of Finance and Parliamentary Budget Office.


Regional growth through sustainable tourism

Our impact

  • Improving the enabling environment of Indonesia's sustainable tourism sector.
  • Developing linkages between Australian and Indonesian tourism operators.
  • Enhancing business planning processes thus contributing to the economic growth of provinces.

Project details

Title: Australia Awards Indonesia Short Course Award "Sustainable Tourism for Regional Growth, Indonesia" 2017.

Attendees: 30 participants from Indonesian tourism regional offices, regional tourism operators and regional tourism associations.

Course: Two weeks of study at Griffith University, including site visit to Cairns plus pre-and post-course workshops in Indonesia.


Improving climate change resilience for Pacific

Our impact

  • Supporting regional management of climate change information in the Pacific.
  • Working together for better climate change resilience and adaptation planning.
  • Improving the understanding of climate change issues in the Pacific region.

Project: Pacific iCLIM Project.


Building research publication capability

Our impact

  • Building research publication capability of 150 Australian alumni through workshops and continuous mentoring by highly qualified and experienced researchers and experts.
  • Establishing linkages and relationships between mentees, industry and academics through in-person workshops, online webinars and a two-day international conference.

Project: Australia Awards Indonesia's Alumni Professional Development Program 2017.

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