Develop your English for study at an Australian high school

High School Preparation is a specialised program for international students aged between 13 and 18 years entering an Australian secondary school.

Our High School Preparation program aims to improve your:

  • English language skills
  • subject-specific knowledge
  • academic skills
  • cultural awareness.

It provides a well-rounded learning experience to prepare you for the high school environment and also to connect with the wider community.

Course features

Hours per week

There are 25 hours of face-to-face study per week.

Class sizes

Class sizes are small so you receive personal attention from your teachers and can progress quickly through your studies.


Class times are 8.15 am – 2.30 pm Monday–Friday.

Learning outcomes

Achieve the English language proficiency level to enter an Australian high school.


Your tuition fees will vary depending on the number of weeks you are enrolled. Additional costs include your uniform, and sports or activities costs if they are part of the class hours.


Start date

Classes start every five weeks. You generally need to study for a minimum of 20 weeks, depending on your current level of English and the level required by your chosen high school.

Key dates

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HSP provides lots of opportunities for students to communicate in English and practise listening and speaking skills. It also gave me access to all the university resources and facilities, which assist my learning process. HSP improved my confidence and my English literacy, which helped me achieve an OP1 in my high school and get accepted into medicine.

- Xu Zihang (Calvin) from China.

Calvin studied English as a GELI HSP student and has continued on to study a Bachelor of Medicine at Griffith University.

Entry requirements

High School Preparation has four levels. You will be placed in the program according to your English level, which will be determined by your recognised proficiency test results or a placement test on arrival.

Course level

English language proficiency requirement

Level 1 - Elementary

IELTS overall score 4.0 (no subscore below 3.5)

Level 2 - Pre-Intermediate

IELTS overall score 4.5 (no subscore below 4.0)

Level 3 - Intermediate

IELTS overall score 5.0 (no subscore below 4.5)

Level 4 - Upper Intermediate

IELTS overall score 5.5 (no subscore below 5.0)

Note: Individual independent schools have their own entry criteria and some schools require students to sit an internal test or provide results from a proficiency test such as IELTS. This will be at the student’s own cost.

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