International students starting or continuing study in 2021 and 2022

We're committed to helping students reach their study goals, no matter what.

The University has responded to the impacts of COVID-19 by making adjustments to our learning and teaching activities. We're here to support students as they start studying online from their home country or from off campus in Australia and when the day comes to welcome them on campus, the outstanding support will continue.

Students will receive the same world-class education, taught by the same award-winning teachers, and have access to the same services and support. The information provided on this page is to help answer students' questions as they commence or continue their study journey with Griffith University.

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Coronavirus updates

Get the latest updates on COVID-19 including health advice, teaching and learning, on-campus services, and travel restrictions.

Applications and documents

During this period, when COVID-19 has necessitated the closure of some English test centres, Griffith University will accept the following English language proficiency tests and test validity for entry to standard programs.

Applicants for some non-standard programs, eg. Griffith Health programs with higher English language requirements to meet registration body requirements, will need to meet existing requirements (test, score and validity).

Applicants for Higher Degree Research programs and degree programs will be required to furnish results as outlined for their program on the degrees website.

Conditional offers can be made subject to provision of required English language proficiency results.

We anticipate that we will revert to standard requirements as English test centres reopen.

TestScore Validity (temporary) time between test and program commencement.
IELTS Overall score 6.5, no sub-score less than 6.0 3 years
IELTS indicator Overall score 6.5, no sub-score less than 6.0 Current
TOEFL iBT 79, no sub-score less than 19 3 years
TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition 79, no sub-score less than 19 Current
Pearson Test of English (Academic) Overall score of 58 with no score less than 50 3 years
Cambridge Linguaskill (General or Business) Average score 175, minimum individual skills score 170 Taken from January 2020 onwards
Duolingo English Test Score of 110 Taken from January 2020 onwards

For students who require a 6.0 for entry, eg. Study Abroad, Exchange:

TestScore Validity (temporary) time between test and program commencement.
IELTS Overall score 6.0, no sub-score less than 5.5 3 years
IELTS indicator Overall score 6.0, no sub-score less than 5.5 Current
TOEFL iBT 71, no sub-score less than 19 in writing and 17 in other skills 3 years
TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition 71, no sub-score less than 19 in writing and 17 in other skills Current
Pearson Test of English (Academic)Overall score 50, with no score less than 423 years
Cambridge Linguaskill (General or Business) Average score 169, minimum individual skills score 162 Taken from January 2020 onwards
Duolingo English Test Score of 100 Taken from January 2020 onwards

Visa conditions

Please note that the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs may require evidence of English language proficiency as part of a student visa application. Applicants should check acceptable forms of evidence on their website.

Learn English online

The University understands that it will be difficult for some applicants to access official documents or to have their documents certified due to health restrictions. Where necessary, we will accept uncertified copies of official academic documents and unofficial documents such as an unofficial transcript that are submitted online with the application. Our international admissions team will seek document verification where available, and we will work closely with our agent and provider network to ensure document authenticity.

We recognise that many final exams have experienced delays and applicants may have difficulty accessing final examinations and qualification documents due to COVID-19. Where necessary during this period, we will accept the following for admission based on qualifications due to be completed that have been interrupted by COVID-19, and will issue an unconditional offer.

Undergraduate applications

  • Predicted results e.g. International Baccalaureate and A Levels. We will issue unconditional offers on the basis of predicted results that meet entry requirements.
  • For students unable to complete Year 12 final examinations, we will consider a combination of year 11 and year 12 marksheet results.

Postgraduate applications

  • Provisional results of university studies, including the last semester's mark sheets and formal evidence that the applicant is expected to meet degree requirements. Acceptable formal evidence can be in the form of a completion letter from the granting institution.

Acceptance, enrolment and withdrawal

Deposits and COEs

  • Applicants who want to accept their offer to commence in 2021 and 2022 will be required to pay a tuition deposit of $3,000, as well as visa-length Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Upon receipt of the tuition fee deposit, OSHC, and completion of any required GTE/GS checks, students will be issued with an eCOE to enable them to apply for a student visa.
  • The remainder of fees payable, based on the student's enrolment, must be paid by census date.
  • Study Abroad applicants who wish to commence in Trimester 2 or 3, 2021 or 2022 will not be required to pay a deposit. Fees payable, based on a student's enrolment, must be paid by census date.


  • Undergraduate and postgraduate applicants will be required to pay visa-length OSHC with their deposit to accept their offer.
  • Students can claim an OSHC refund if, at the end of their studies, they have an unused portion of OSHC from when they were studying offshore at the beginning of their program.
  • Study Abroad and Exchange applicants will not be required to pay OSHC when accepting their offer. If travel restrictions are lifted and they plan to travel to Australia, OSHC must be paid before a COE is issued.

Student visas

  • The online delivery of programs normally taught on campus is an interim measure. While some programs can be taught fully online, many will require students to attend classes or activities on campus to meet degree requirements. It is recommended that students apply for a student visa prior to commencing their program to ensure they have a valid student visa to enable them to arrive in Australia to continue their studies as soon as they are able.
  • If you have commenced your program from outside Australia and your visa application is unsuccessful, you will need to consider your options depending on the program you are studying:
    • If your program has a digital (online) offering, you can apply to transfer to this offering.
    • If your program has an exit point and you have met the criteria, you can apply to be assessed for award eligibility.
    • If your program cannot be completed online, you will need to cancel your enrolment and you can apply for a transcript for studies undertaken.
  • Students in Australia should submit their visa application to the Department of Home Affairs immediately.
  • Students who are overseas are recommended to submit their visa application as soon as they have the required supporting documentation; the Australian Government is processing student visa applications lodged outside Australia. This means when travel restrictions are removed, students will have a valid student visa and will be able to make arrangements to travel to Australia to continue study.
  • Students who have been granted a student visa are required to meet student visa conditions, whether studying inside or outside Australia, including full-time enrolment.
  • Study Abroad and Exchange applicants are not being charged OSHC or issued with a COE, which is required to apply for a student visa, at this time. If travel restrictions are removed and students wish to travel to Australia to complete their studies, International Admissions will provide advice of OSHC owing and, upon receipt of this, will issue a COE to facilitate the student visa application.
  • The Department of Home Affairs has announced that online study will count towards the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) Post-Study Work Rights, meaning international students whose studies have been affected by the restrictions enforced due to COVID-19 will not be disadvantaged when applying for a Temporary Graduate visa.


  • Students who have been granted a student visa are required to meet student visa conditions, whether studying inside or outside Australia, including full-time enrolment.
  • Offers to commence in 2021 and 2022: If you are outside Australia and travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to Australia to commence your program, you may withdraw from enrolment up to census date with no financial penalty.

COVID-19 Student Support Package

For students who have been unable to travel or return to Australia due to border restrictions, Griffith has committed to a $2,000 contribution towards the cost of your arrival in Australia when this becomes possible and while quarantine is required, to assist with the cost of travel and quarantine.


Griffith University scholarships have had a refresh for 2021 - 2022. We are offering an exciting and generous range of scholarships to support international students coming to study in our undergraduate, postgraduate, research and pathway programs.

Our  scholarships in 2021 - 2022 include:

Key conditions for all scholarships:

  • Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time (whether onshore or offshore).
  • Scholarship offers cannot be deferred; if an applicant defers their intake they must reapply or be reconsidered for a scholarship.

International scholarships

Online program delivery and assessment

  • The delivery of programs online will depend on what you are studying. Most programs will generally include a combination of recorded lectures, self-access tutorials, online engagement channels, and live peer mentoring sessions. This will not be indicated in degree finder.
  • There are learning components of some programs and courses that cannot be completed wholly online, such as clinical placements, laboratory-based activities, workshops, and site visits. The University is committed to ensuring these components can be completed once students are able to resume on-campus study in Australia.
  • For students commencing study from outside Australia, online delivery is an interim arrangement. Once travel restrictions are lifted, students will be expected to travel to Australia as soon as they are able, to continue their study on campus, and they will require a student visa for this.
  • Some programs are only available for commencement by international students who are in Australia and able to attend campus.
  • Delivery of programs and courses is being made available online where feasible. For students able to attend campus, most courses will be delivered through a combination of online and on-campus activities.
  • If international travel restrictions continue in 2021 and 2022, delivery of programs and courses will be made available online where feasible. For students able to attend campus, most courses will be delivered through a combination of online and on-campus activities.

Current study arrangements

  • The University has modified its assessments to allow for online assessment options. In-person assessment that is required for some programs is being delayed until it can be undertaken safely in person.

Current study arrangements

The latest information regarding the University's return to campus plans is available on our Coronavirus page. Students can find information regarding current study arrangements at Studying amid COVID-19.

To participate in online study you will need:

  • a modern device (less than five years old)
  • headphones
  • access to Wi-fi.

For more information, see minimum IT requirements.

Social and academic engagement online

We are ensuring we stay connected more than ever through a range of helpful platforms and online communities and academic support to assist with your studies and to welcome you into our community.

Griffith Mates

Griffith Mates is a vibrant team of current Australian and international students from across the world. The team welcomes thousands of international students each year, helping them adjust to university life through a range of community events and activities. Connecting with Griffith Mates is a great way to practise English, make new friends and learn how to navigate your way through university life. The Griffith Mates program is delivering its signature activities online by offering a series of virtual coffee catch ups, live webinars, competitions and more.

In this together

International student buddy program

The International Student Buddy Program matches new international students with experienced local students (Senior Buddies) for social support meetings once a week. Sessions are currently being held online and are designed to help ease the transition to uni life and provide a safe and comfortable environment for new international students to ask questions about Griffith, studying online, life in Australia, as well as practise English. It's also a great way to make friends!

A student wearing headphones

Griffith community online

There are many additional ways you can connect with your Griffith community online.  There is a Teams channel for all the different programs so students can meet or work with other students online.

  • Enrich your studies by volunteering remotely
  • Partake in online community internships
  • Stay fit with virtual fitness classes
  • Join the Griffith Sport Strava Club for a fitness challenge club
  • Get some advice on connecting with other from Thrive Online
  • Join the Griffith Students Facebook page
  • Join the Health, Counselling and Wellbeing Instagram

Stay connected

Student standing in front of tiled walled


EnglishHELP offers free individual one-to-one consultations with an academic language specialist. Students can also enrol to attend English workshops in speaking, listening and academic writing, as well as free self-help resources. Students can book online individual consultation, or enrol in live online workshops!


A student walking


PASS is a free program that is run online. It offers structured and fun group learning sessions for some of the courses that students find to be more challenging. The weekly one hour study sessions begin in Week 2 and run all trimester. The sessions are facilitated by students who have previously achieved excellent results in the course and who have completed a nationally accredited training program.


A student looking at a laptop

Study Smart online

Students are encouraged to discover how to make the most of their study time and give themselves the best chance of acing their assignments and exams. Read advice on study tips, researching and writing assignments, learn how to correctly reference, update your social media skills and learn some techniques for exam prep by reading our online guides.

Study Smart online

Student support

Student Connect

All support services, including advice on degree structure from Student Connect, are available online. There will also be additional sessions covering online study held at orientation.

International Student Advisory

Our team of International Student Advisors offer personal support, advice and information on issues that can affect student's studies at Griffith. Our friendly advisors are here to help students and direct them to the right person and they'll be able to help you or direct you to the right person. One-on-one appointments are offered via phone of video consultations.


Orientation will include the normal compulsory self-paced online orientation for all students, as well as live orientations sessions with schools, and special international orientation virtual events.

International orientation

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