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For international admission enquiries, please contact one of our staff representatives below.

Year 12: QTAC applicants

Contact: Ella McPartland

Year 12: UAC applicants

Contact: Emma Glover

Griffith College

Gold Coast, Logan campuses

Contact: Hannah Akber

Griffith College

Nathan, South Bank, Mt Gravatt campuses

Contact: Jasi Boppudi

Onshore agents

  • ABC Global Education Consultancy
  • AECC Global (onshore offices)
  • Alfa Agency
  • Australia Student Recruitment
  • Australian Agency for Education and Training (AAET) - Study Co
  • Australian Business and Education Information Services
  • Australian Education and Visa Centre
  • Austral-Oriental Education Services Pty Ltd.
  • DR Australian Education
  • Education and Migration Services Australia (EMSA)
  • International Student Exchange Services
  • IUC Pty Ltd
  • Latino (onshore offices)
  • Marlin Overseas Student Agency
  • Sea Education International Students
  • SOL EDU Pty Ltd.
  • Victor International Pty Ltd
  • V Education Pty Ltd.
  • WEST 1 - A World of Education & Travel

Contact: Lita Rush

  • AusPac International
  • Grace Education
  • BCIE

Contact: Cynthia Mercado

  • IGEC
  • Yes Atlas Education

Contact: Yina Song

  • Smith Immigration & Education Services

Contact: Penny Xin

  • Fortrust International Pty Ltd
  • Infinity Migration Services Pvt

Contact: Lagi Anae

  • A+ CAPEC
  • AC&T International
  • AUG -AusEd UniEd Group (Onshore Offices)
  • AusPac International (onshore offices)
  • Austlink Education Group Pty Ltd.
  • Ausline Education Pty Ltd.
  • Australian Education Global Advisors (AEGA)
  • Australian International Education Consortium
  • Australian Intercultural Services Pty Ltd (AIS Education Centre)
  • Australian Multicultural Education Centre Pty Ltd (AMEC)
  • Australian Visa And Student Services Group Pty Ltd (AVSS)
  • Boomerang Australia Studies
  • Bridge Blue Global Education
  • CP International Education and Migration Centre
  • Coaching Condors
  • Global Koala Pty Ltd.
  • Grace Education Pty Ltd.
  • IAE Global (onshore offices)
  • IAE Study in Australia Pty Ltd.
  • IAE Edu Net (onshore offices)
  • IDP (onshore offices)
  • Time Study Pty Ltd - Melbourne
  • Turmeric Co. Pty. Ltd. (Turmeric International Student Agent / TISA)
  • U&I Australia Pty Ltd ATF The U&I Trust

Contact: Paola Velosa

  • AA Education Network
  • Bada Global Pty (Bada Education Centre)
  • Core UHAK
  • D.O.M Education Pty Ltd
  • GCS Group Australia Pty Ltd
  • IBN Education
  • Information Planet
  • IWorld International Group
  • Link Australia International Student Service Pty Ltd
  • TMR Global Group (Gold Coast
  • Uhak Station Pty Ltd
  • XL Education

Contact: Sue Phoon