Investigating opportunities for innovation in sustainable tourism

The strategic Sustainable Tourism program advances research in the area of ecotourism, nature conservation, resource efficiency, and climate change. It builds on a long tradition of environmental research at Griffith University and connects with experts from a range of other disciplines, including climate science, ecology and marine science.

Our research strives to ensure that tourism activity is sustainable (economically, environmentally, socially and culturally) and resilient to major pressures, such as climate change or resource depletion.

The program offers practical support to operators and regulators of tourism destinations, drawing on research expertise in tourism (economics, marketing, consumer trends), infrastructure and environmental concerns.  We aim to assist the industry to develop profitable and sustainable business models, conserving the features of particular destinations, responsive to consumer preferences, and resilient to climate change and resource fluctuations.

Focal Areas


This project investigates how the use of visitor data and ‘human sensors’ can complement existing systems to improve the way we monitor environmental change in real time at the Great Barrier Reef.

Researchers: Professor Susanne Becken, Associate Professor Bela Stantic, Professor Rod Connolly

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Research on global change and environmental management recognises the business risks associated with some of the major environmental challenges this planet is facing.

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There is a pressing need to move global efforts in sustainable business practices from a mere focus on maximising efficiency whilst maintaining economic growth, to a path that genuinely leads to a reduction in the consumption of energy, water and materials.

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Our flagship projects