Enhancing knowledge and awareness to create sustainable events

We provide the knowledge, tools and capacity to empower hospitality businesses, organisers and host destinations to deliver sustainable and impactful events. We employ both management and consumer perspectives, and collaborate with a diverse range of companies and events from small niche events to larger active participation events. We engage with an array of stakeholders including cultural groups, urban planners, environmental groups, sponsors and government agencies to maximise positive outcomes of events.

Focal Areas


Sport events can bring communities together and provide participants and host city residents with an array of positive outcomes. GIFT researchers are investigating the ways that sport events – from smaller, localised events to larger-scale major and mega-events – can provide individuals with: enhanced quality of life, improved wellbeing, sustained changes in physical activity, and increased health. The findings of our research can inform event design, event promotion and marketing and policy and funding decisions.

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Hospitality and event management represent two growing job sectors for which there are shortages of available employees as well as shortages in skills and capabilities of prospective employees. In addition, there is ongoing debate the best way to train and educate prospective hospitality and event management professionals. GIFT researchers are involved in a collection of projects examining how education of event and hospitality managers can be optimised.

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The hospitality experience is unique and complicated in that it can consist of many, multi-layered touchpoints between stakeholders who are often heavily invested and involved. GIFT is engaged in variety of research projects exploring these interactions to provide critical insight on how to effectively deliver these experiences. The findings from these ongoing projects will provide implications for hospitality managers, employees and educators.

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