More than just a Game? The Impact of GC2018 on Social-Psychological Well-Being of the Community

Research has demonstrated that sport and event consumption can impact elements of an individual's social-psychological well-being, but opportunities exist to better understand how, and under which conditions, this occurs. This research focuses on the contributions of the GC2018 event and analyses 42 official documents to determine the extent to which social-psychological well-being outcomes are considered. Additionally, the researchers also employ a longitudinal interview technique to assess impacts on 15 community members before, and after, the event.

Investigators: Dr Jason Doyle, Associate Professor Kevin Filo, Dr Alana Thomson & Dr Thilo Kunkel

A Comparison of Sport Event Participation Outcomes Across Qatar and Australia

This research examines the influence of historic patterns of consumption on the motives, behaviour (physical activity before/after an event, repeat participation) and outcomes (wellbeing, quality of life) of sport event participants in Qatar and Australia. We use Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) to explore the influence of established patterns of consumption on participant motives, behaviour and outcomes in sport events. The findings will provide a basis for managers to design promotional campaigns and event branding strategies that resonate with the cultural tapestry of different regions, providing opportunities to increase participation rates, health and quality of life outcomes for event consumers.

Investigators: : Dr Kevin Filo, Dr Millicent Kennelly, Dr Daniel Lock, Dr Rana Sobh, Dr Najam Saqib, Dr Nikolaos Theodorakis