Facilitating debate on tourism economics

The tourism economics pillar is at the forefront of, and recognised for its expertise in economic analysis, policy and data management. Our team of leading researchers have a wealth of experience in government, industry and academia, with a strong focus on economic theory and analysis. We focus on independence, credibility and accuracy, with an aim to contribute to the tourism economics debate both nationally and internationally.

Focal Areas


Sound policy depends on robust advice and authorities analysis of evidence. Researchers at Griffith Institute for Tourism use a wide range of tools and methods to deliver tourism policy analysis, strategic advice, tourism planning and management input, tourism forecasting and demand modelling and analysis of productivity and the labour market, including the role of new technologies and digital disruption.

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Data generates knowledge. At Griffith Institute for Tourism, we use a wide range of data sources and analytics to extract new insights from data mining and integration, including using Big Data approaches.

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Our researchers offer extensive expertise in the development and training on Tourism Satellite Accounts.

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Our services

Economic impact assessment

Griffith Institute for Tourism conducts economic impact assessments on tourism expenditure of domestic, inbound and outbound visitors.

Measuring the economic value of tourism (Tourism Satellite Accounts)

Our researchers offer extensive expertise in development and training on Tourism Satellite Accounts.

Cost-benefit analysis

Our researchers conduct cost-benefit analysis to understand tourisms real economic, social and environmental impact.

Visitor statistics

Our Institute helps destinations understand visitor statistics and predict future trends by using modelling techniques.

Visitor behaviour and movement tracking using Big Data

Griffith Institute for Tourism has the ability to analyse massive amounts of data to understand visitor behaviour, movement and trends.

Property and investment assessment and planning

Our Institute can work with government and industry to conduct assessments on property and investment opportunities within tourism.

Economic development strategies

Griffith Institute for Tourism is a leader in identifying economic development strategies for destinations and industry.

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