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Project title

Amal Al Alawi

A/P Charles Arcodia
Dr Anna Kralj

The potentials, challenges and strategies for developing Oman as an event tourism destination

Azza Al-Busaidi

Prof Noel Scott

Dr Anna Kralj

Nation Branding: Exploring the Nature and Heritage Nation Brand:A Nation’s People Perspective. 

Emily Chen

Prof Susanne Becken

Prof Bela Stantic

Using Weibo to understand Chinese travel patterns in Australia

Kijung Choi

Dr Ying Wang

Developing the Extended Expectation Confirmation Model (E - ECM) in Travel Mobile Application Use

Debbie Cotterell

A/P Charles Arcodia

Dr Jo-Anne Ferreira (Co-supervisor)

Educating Tourism students to have a more sustainable mindset:  a study into how universities can develop students' capabilities to have more complex understandings of sustainability.

Nina Dhirasasna

Prof Susanne Becken

Dr Oz Sahin (Griffith Engineering)

Renewable energy uptake in tourist accommodation

Bob Duan

A/P Charles Arcodia

Dr Emily Ma

Motivations and Experiences of Chinese Wine Tourists

David Fechner

A/P Kevin Filo

Dr Sacha Reid

Charity sponsorship in the mass participation sport event context

Arghavan (Hana) Hadinejad

Prof Noel Scott

Dr Aishath Shakeela

Touristic Intelligence: Developing a model on measuring Touristic Intelligence.  Read more about it here.

Michelle Hayes

Dr Caroline Riot

A/P Kevin Filo

Dr Andrea Geurin

Athlete social media usage during major events

Dan (Dannie) Huang

A/P Alexandra Coghlan

Dr Xin (Cathy) Jin

A dedicaton-constraint based model of innovation resistance in the context of peer to peer (P2P) accommodation.

Hung Huynh

A/P  Kevin Filo

Dr Daniel Lock

The influence of social and cultural context on sport consumer motivation

Shahida Khanom

Prof Noel Scott

Dr Millcent Kennelly

Integration of Intangible Cultural Heritage into Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Areas: Sundarbans Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh

Ingo Janowski

Dr Sarah Gardiner

Dr Anna Kwek

Analysing cross-cultural consumer perceptions of Adventure Tourism

Soojung Kim

A/P Charles Arcodia

A/P Michelle Whitford

The role of Intangible Cultural Heritage in motivating cultural tourists

Lalitha Kirsnan

Dr Helen Perkins

Examining the socio-cultural, other barriers and facilitators of pro-environmental behaviour among Singaporeans

Kakda Khun

Prof Susanne Becken

A/P Karine Dupre

Benchmarking Sustainable Tourism Transport in GMS:  A critical look from tourism policy and planning

Mun Yee Lai

Dr Catherine Khoo-Lattimore

Dr Emily Ma

Culinary tourism: Identify gap between cuisine identity building between government, community and international tourists. Read more about it here.

Dung Le

Prof Noel Scott

A/P Gui Lohmann

The antecedents of emotions in the experience economy

Truc Le

A/P Charles Arcodia

Dr Anna Kralj

Perception of authenticity and its key determinant in Dining Experiences. Read more about it here.

Laura Lesar

Prof David Weaver

Dr Sarah Gardiner

Optimising Sustainable Tourism Certification Programs: A Case Study

Yang (Subrina) Liu

A/P Karine Dupre

Dr Xin Jin

The Development Plan of Dongguan Street: An Invaluable Historical and Cultural Heritage

Tra My Thi Ngo

A/P Gui Lohmann

Dr Robert Hales

Marketing capability and sustainability of community-based tourism enterprises

Rawan Nimri

Dr Anoop Patiar

Dr Sandie Kensbock

Consumer behaviour in the green hotels context. Read more about it here.

Kathryn Payne

A/P Charles Arcodia

Dr Marlene Pratt

The role of self-efficacy and motivations in participation: The constraints negotiation process among international students travelling domestically in New Zealand

Meng-yuan (Melinda) Qui

Prof Noel Scott

Dr Xin Jin

The interaction mechanism of soundscape and landscape in tourist cast experience:  a comparison between China and  Australia

Johanna Schliephack

Prof Susanne Becken

Prof Brendan Mackey

Dr Johanna Nalau

Tourism adaption to Climate Change in two South Pacific SIDS: The potential to decrease community vulnerability and foster sustainable tourism development. Read more about it here.

Bojana Spasojevic Sijacki

Prof Noel Scott

A/Pr Gui Lohmann

Air Transportation's impact on tourism destination competitiveness - Case study of Queensland

Liubov (Liuba) Skavronskaya

Prof Noel Scott

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Tourism Advertising Effectiveness: A Psychophysiological Approach

Sulistyo (Tyo) Utomo

Prof Noel Scott

Dr Xin Jin

The impact of Hajj satisfaction on Islamic Religious Commitment: The Case of Indonesian Hajj. Watch a video about it here.

Christopher Warren

Prof Susanne Becken

A/Pr Alexandra Coghlan

Pro-environmental practice and behaviour whilst staying at holiday accommodation. Read more about it here.

Mona Ji Hyun Yang

Dr Catherine Khoo-Lattimore

Dr Elaine Yang

The impact of encountering tourists on the well-being of child labourer in the host countries.
Ryan Yung

Dr Catherine Khoo-Lattimore

Dr Leigh Ellen Potter

The Future Is Now:  Investigating Reality's Effectiveness as a Destination Marketing Tool through Presence and Emotion

Rui Zhang

Prof Noel Scott

Dr Sarah Gardiner

The Antecedence of Memory-driven Schema and its Influence on Coastal Tourism Destination Brand

Hong Bing (Thomas) Zhu

Prof Noel Scott

A/P Alexandra Coghlan

Experience Value Creation in Heritage Destination

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