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The Griffith Institute for Tourism brings together research staff across a broad range of specialty areas including planning, marketing, property and investment, technology, architecture, economics, climate change and more.

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Professor Christopher Fleming

Areas of expertise:

  • Economic, environmental and social impact assessment
  • Project and/or policy evaluation
  • Non-market valuation
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Empirical analysis of determinants of subjective wellbeing

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Dr Sarah Gardiner

Areas of expertise:

  • Destination marketing and development
  • Consumer behaviour and market analysis
  • Tourism, economic and event development strategies

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Economics & visitor statistics

Experience design & innovation

Sustainability & climate change



Dr Margarida Abreu Novais

Destination competitiveness, event management and experiential learning.

Professor Charles Arcodia

Event management practices, tourism management education and cultural heritage management.

Associate Professor Jay Bandaralage

General equilibrium modeling, input-output economics and economic development in South Asia.

Professor Susanne Becken

Sustainable tourism, consumer behavior and carbon footprint.

Andrew Buckwell

Research Fellow. Non-market valuation of ecosystem services, social benefit-cost analysis, discourse analysis with Q-method and climate change adaptation.

Associate Professor Leonie Lockstone-Binney

Event and tourism volunteering, volunteering legacies, event studies, event management education and commemorative events.

Associate Professor Andreas Chai

Innovation and demand, evolutionary economics, tourism economics and behavioural barriers to climate change adaption.

Dr Debbie Cotterell

Sustainable Tourism.

Associate Professor Alexandra Coghlan

Sustainable tourism, consumer behaviour, experience design, gamification, tourism and national parks, reef tourism and community-based tourism.

Dr Peiyi Ding

Chinese relations, environmental audits and tourism management in China.

Dr Maria Dharmesti

Marketing, sustainable tourism and hospitality management and Indonesian tourism.

Dr Jason Doyle

Sport and event consumer behaviour, strategic marketing and branding, and the impact of consumption on social-psychological well-being.

Associate Professor Karine Dupre

Tourism and cities, placemaking, design solving, sustainability and resilience, experience and heritage.

Associate Professor Kevin Filo

Synergy between sport and charity, sport events, and community sport and fundraising.

Dr Sarah Gardiner

Destination marketing and development, tourism, economic and event development strategies, consumer behaviour and market analysis.

Dr Michelle Hayes

Athlete social media use, social media facilitation of support networks among athletes, sport organisation management of social media, and portrayals of women athletes in new media.

Dr Aaron Hsiao

Cross-cultural management, internal marketing and organisational citizenship behavior, and special interest tourism.

Dr Xin (Cathy) Jin

Event management, convention tourism and destination marketing.

Dr Millicent Kennelly

Stakeholder engagement and collaboration in event management, event leveraging strategies and sport event management.

Associate Professor Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore

Consumer behaviour (tourists and guests), services marketing and qualitative research methods.

Dr Anna Kralj

Human resource management in hospitality and tourism, service management and operations, employee attitudes and organisational climate perceptions.

Dr Anna Kwek

Tourism/leisure theories, social-psychology in tourism/leisure and tourist gaze.

Dr Dung Le

Consumer experiences and emotions, experiential marketing, advanced technologies in tourism and advanced technologies in research.

Associate Professor Brent Moyle

Destination Development, Regional Innovation and Sustainability, Tourism Experience and Immersive Technology.

Dr Athula Naranpanawa

Computable general equilibrium modeling, environmental and resource economics and development economics.

Dr Rawan Nimri

Consumerism and behavior change, pro-environmental communication and hospitality employment relations.

Dr Helen Perkins

Environmentally and socially sustainable lifestyles and wellbeing, sustainable tourism and consumer behavior.

Associate Professor Catherine Prentice

Services marketing, relationship marketing and casino marketing.

Dr Jamie Ranse

Public health, emergency and in-event health services for mass gatherings.

Associate Professor Sacha Reid

Event stakeholder management, community development and planning, and real estate and property development.

Dr Caroline Riot

Elite athlete development and management, Olympic studies, community sports development, women and sport studies, health and physical activity promotion.

Associate Professor Tapan Sarker

Socio-economic impacts of climate change, sustainable business, stakeholder engagement and energy and environmental economics.

Dr Jen-Je Su

Econometrics, growth and development economics, and financial economics.

Bojana Spasojevic Sijacki

Tourism and air transport management, stakeholder engagement, air route development and passenger experiences.

Dr Fitalew Taye

Research Fellow. Environmental and resource economics, environmental valuation and discrete choice modelling.

Park Thaichon

Relationship marketing, tourism marketing, marketing management, digital marketing, technology and consumer behaviour.

Dr Sera Vada

Positive psychology and tourist-behaviour studies, destination marketing and diversification of tourist markets, organizational behaviour, tourism in Small Island Developing States, challenges of tourism development in the Pacific, sustainable tourism and Chinese tourism.

Dr Christopher Warren

Sustainable hospitality, intelligent systems for sustainable tourism, energy, water and waste in hotels/tourist accommodation, guest participation in sustainable tourism experiences, carbon emission reduction and hospitality management.

Dr Ying Wang

Destination marketing and management, hospitality management and Chinese outbound tourism.

Dr Ross Westoby

Research Fellow. International development, sustainable livelihoods and climate change adaptation.

Associate Professor Michelle Whitford

Event and tourism policy and planning, Indigenous tourism and events, and sustainable events.

Dr Emma Whittlesea

Climate change policy, community and stakeholder engagement, carbon footprint modelling and sustainable destination management.

Dr Elaine Yang

Gender studies, Asian tourism, tourism geography, tourist risk perception and qualitative research methods.

Adjunct staff

  • Adjunct Professor Heidi Dahles
  • Adjunct Professor Larry Dwyer
  • Adjunct Professor Leo Jago OAM
  • Adjunct Industry Fellow Don Morris AO
  • Adjunct Professor Jaume Rossello-Nadal
  • Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Robin Nunkoo
  • Adjunct Professor David Simmons

Professional staff

  • Serena Gent
  • Lucy Frank

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