Working with Australian businesses and organisations to enhance tourism outcomes

Working with organisations at the state and federal level, as well as building partnerships with businesses and not-for-profit organisations are of great importance to the research undertaken at GIFT.

Engagement ranges from joint research projects, to outreach activities and media events, and research targeted at specific tourism regions in Australia.


Ministerial taskforce on the Great Barrier Reef water quality

The Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce was established by the Queensland Government to meet during the course of 2015 and 2016. It made recommendations on how to improve the reef’s water quality and how to allocate a $100 million budget, created to reduce Great Barrier Reef nutrient and sediment run-off. Controlling run-off is crucial in combating Crown of Thorns starfish outbreaks, impacting on seagrass beds and improving reef water quality.

Tourist experience design – partnering with Queensland organisations

'Mentor Revolution' - Get Started Project

Dr Sarah Gardiner has launched videos/podcasts featuring five of Queensland's successful entrepreneurs in tourism, sport, events and hospitality. Produced by Me Media and funded through a Queensland Government Advance Queensland Young Starters' Fund grant, these stories aim to inspire young Queenslanders and university graduates to start a business in one of these high grown sectors.

Stage 1 of the Charleville Cosmos Centre

Dr Brent Moyle, Dr Char-lee Moyle, Professor Noel Scott and Dr Alexandra Bec were engaged in 2016 by the Murweh Shire Council to revitalise the Charleville Cosmos Centre in regional Queensland. Based on the core findings of this research GIFT is pleased to report Stage 1 of the revitalisation is now complete with a virtual rocket and immersive theatre space that opened in April. Watch the time-lapse video of the rocket being constructed.

Indigenous Tourism Workshop

GIFT member Associate Professor Michelle Whitford and Associate Profesor Lisa Ruhanen (The University of Queensland) delivered a Basic tourism 101 session to traditional owner groups at the Indigenous Tourism Workshop run by Queensland South Native Title Servies (QSNTS). Associate Professor Michelle Whitford will continue to work with several partnerships such as Queensland South Native Title Services, Indigenous Business Australia(IBA) and Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC), as well as several traditional owners groups.

Engagement through industry events

Australian Coastal Councils Conference

The 2016 Australian Coastal Councils Conference was convened by the Australian Coastal Councils Association at Rockingham WA, in May 2016. It was attended by representatives of coastal councils from all states, in addition to members of the coastal research community and representatives of relevant government agencies. Representing GIFT Dan Ware was invited to give a presentation on the NCCARF funded project to review finance mechanisms for climate change adaptation.


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