Research, education and liaison to manage software quality systems

This area of expertise focuses on software quality, the user and social dimensions of information technology and behaviour engineering.

The Software Quality Institute (SQI) provides a focus for expertise in software quality and serves as a catalyst for innovations in software quality techniques. It engages in programs of action research with the systems and software engineering industry, providing consulting and professional support to industry to set up and manage systems and software quality systems, and on using national and international engineering standards.

We also investigate information and communication technology skills development, information systems management, and gender and information technology issues in ICT education and work. Specific projects have included the development and implementation of a medical information system that integrates, retrieves and interfaces with existing medical information systems.

In software engineering, clarity of expression when specifying the requirements of software systems is vital, with no room for ambiguity. Behavior Engineering (BE) is a formal method that reduces or eliminates ambiguity in software requirements. It clarifies the system and software requirements and has been effective in practical, industry-based situations when applied to large complex systems.


The SQI is a focal point in Australia for research, education, government and industry liaison in a broad range of areas relating to quality in software and systems. Over the years, the SQI has increased its national and international presence through its participation in the Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination (SPICE) project, managing the trials project for the Asia Pacific region and conducting a significant number of assessments and training programmes for government and industry bodies.

It is affiliated with Standards Australia and other local and international organisations which provide industry access to international best practices. The IIIS SQI uses these resources to provide a wide range of consultancy, training and assessment services tailored to local requirements.  The SQI is a transition partner for Practical Software Measurement.

Consultancy, Training and Assessment Services

  • Software Process And Capability dEtermination (SPICE)
  • Practical Systems and Software Measurement (PSM)
  • Leadership of Virtual Teams


SPICE is a major international initiative to support the development of an International Standard for Software Process Assessment. The project has three goals:

  • to develop a working draft for a standard for software process assessment.
  • to conduct industry trials of the emerging standard.
  • to promote the technology transfer of software process assessment into the software industry world-wide.

Five international technical centres have been established to coordinate the international effort on the project. It has brought together a unique combination of standards developers, software developers, and academics from more than 20 countries, to generate a consistent and validated framework for assessment.

Our research—user and societal needs

This research is concerned with:

  • identifying individual, organisational, and societal needs
  • understanding the management of systems and work practices
  • dealing with structured and unstructured data
  • handling privacy and security requirements of health care systems
  • interface with existing and future system that gather medical evidence
  • evaluating devices for real life situations.

Australian Research Council linkage projects include the development of a design environment for expert systems development for stakeholders in rural industries (industry partner - Queensland Department of Primary Industries) and the development of an intelligent decision support system for the diagnosis of sleep disorders in the Australian population (industry partner - Queensland Health).

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