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Philanthropy is the gift of giving. It is an act performed selflessly to benefit others. We are deeply grateful for the philanthropy of donors and for all donations, large and small. Your gift could change people’s lives – whether it contributes to student scholarships, enhances researchers’ careers, allows us to purchase new equipment, or helps us to complete a research project.

Every gift matters. Every gift makes a difference. Giving transforms lives.

Thank you for your generosity.

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Community support is vital to the institute's ongoing research in the fight against cancer and infectious diseases.

Everyone has the power to make a difference and can choose to support the Institute for Glycomics.

To read about all the various ways you can support our research, click on the link below to download our Philanthropy Brochure.

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Connecting with our community


The Glycomics Champions program is a community outreach training program, specific to the Institute for Glycomics. Our Glycomics Champions are a passionate mix of research students and Postdoctoral staff from the Institute who help promote our research to the broader community through organised tours and outreach events.

Our Champions host tours for all types of audiences, including philanthropists, Government officials, visiting delegations from overseas institutions, industry representatives, school and undergraduate university students, and community groups.

Their in-depth knowledge and professional verbal communication skills help them to translate our ground-breaking research into Layman’s terms to suit any visiting audience.

Our Glycomics Champions look forward to meeting you.


The Glycomics Circle was initiated to support female scientists at the Institute for Glycomics. A group of like-minded, ambitious women, members of the Glycomics Circle use their collective wisdom, connections and resources to raise funds and awareness for the Institute’s female researchers and students, and to recognise their significant contributions to the Institute’s daily fight against diseases of global impact through translational science.

Funds raised by the Glycomics Circle are used to support female early career researchers through scholarships, travel opportunities to attend national and international science conferences and competitions, or to aid the purchase of new equipment and consumables. The Glycomics Circle is always looking for new members to join and help their cause. Members meet together several times a year at special events where they enjoy each other’s company and listen to presentations from staff and students on how the Glycomics Circle’s financial contributions have aided them in their research projects.

If you would like to become a member of the Glycomics Circle, please get in touch with us: 07 5552 8051 or

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Our wonderful supporters

Choosing to be a supporter of the Institute for Glycomics will establish you in highly esteemed company, as is evidenced by the below list of our Major Supporters and Honorary Fellows.

Major Supporters

  • Queensland State Government
  • City of Gold Coast
  • Honda Foundation
  • Mark Carnegie
  • John Singleton
  • Lewis Land Group of Companies
  • Theo Rossi & Mary Rossi OBE
  • Jim Raptis, Raptis Group
  • Amitabha Buddhist Association & Pureland Learning College
  • Aston Milan
  • Lilly Hwoo
  • Jenny Wong, DUniv
  • Macquarie Bank Foundation
  • Alison Kearney & John Kearney Jr
  • Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
  • Warren von Bibra & Sally von Bibra
  • The Snow Foundation
  • Rotary Australia Benevolent Society
  • Rotary International District 9640 – District Conference 2018

Major Supporters

  • S2F Pty Ltd
  • Mayoress Community Benefit Fund Gold Coast
  • Harry & Rhonda Triguboff
  • Lorraine Dickinson
  • Merchant Charitable Foundation
  • Women in Racing Inc.
  • The Atlantic Philanthropies
  • Toshiaki Ogasawara
  • Rotary Club of Southport
  • Beverly McIlwain
  • Zarraffa’s Foundation
  • Zarraffa’s Franchising Pty Ltd
  • Steve & Sue Byrne
  • BLIAQ Loving Care Group
  • Larry & Penny Klinge
  • Nick Moraitis
  • Paul & Ildi Moraitis
  • Rotary Club of Goolwa
  • Rotary Club of Engadine
  • Rotary International District 9640 – Partner Project 2019-20

Major Supporters

  • Geoffrey Thomas
  • “Q” Clubs Buyers Group
  • Palazzo Versace
  • Gold Coast Titans Community Foundation
  • Order of St John – Gold Coast Commandery
  • John & Brenda Penglis
  • John Barnes Foundation
  • Ken & Noelene Tregeagle
  • Southern Paradise Foundation
  • Win Schubert AO
  • Dennis & Shirley Croft
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Legacy C’tee
  • Ray & Jill James
  • Vince Rehbein
  • Reuben Pelerman Benevolent Foundation
  • Rotary Club of Surfers Paradise
  • Rotary Club of Gold Coast

Honorary Fellows

  • Roma Blair
  • Greg Dillon
  • Mary Roosevelt
  • Cr Dawn Crichlow OAM
  • Jenny Wong, DUniv
  • Warren von Bibra & Sally von Bibra
  • The Hon Peter Beattie AC
  • John Penglis
  • James Wadham
  • Dennis Standfield
  • Bernard Ponting
  • Lex Bell OAM
  • Emeritus Professor Graham Jones AM
  • The Hon Sam Doumany
  • Beverly McIlwain
  • The Hon Leneen Forde AC
  • Harry Triguboff AO, DUniv & Rhonda Triguboff
  • Baslyn Beel
  • Jennifer Bartels
  • Bob Gordon

Community case studies


There are approximately 3.2 billion people currently living in malaria endemic areas worldwide. In 2016, there were approximately 216 million cases of malaria and 445,000 deaths, mostly children under 5 years of age. Vaccination is the key to shifting the fight against malaria from sustained control to eradication. Despite global efforts there is no effective malaria vaccine available.

Researchers at the Institute for Glycomics have developed a novel malaria vaccine candidate called PlasProtecT®, which is currently in human clinical trials. PlasProtecT® consists of whole malaria parasites that are grown in the laboratory under strictly controlled conditions. The parasites are treated with a chemical so that they can no longer replicate or cause an infection. These treated parasites are then administered as a vaccine to raise an immune response without causing disease. The body is then primed to fight malaria parasites that may enter the body in the future, preventing malaria infection.

The Rotary Clubs of Southport, Broadbeach, Hope Island and the Rotary Satellite Club of Southport—Griffith University have initiated a fundraising project to support the work of Professor Michael Good and his team at the Institute for Glycomics at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

The fundraising project has been registered by Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) and endorsed by the National Committee of Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM). In 2017, Rotary and the Institute for Glycomics formally established The Malaria Vaccine Project, which is managed on behalf of the two partners by the Malaria Vaccine Committee. This Committee is charged with raising funds for the research.

By working together, we can end malaria. For good.

Read the latest Malaria Vaccine Newsletter

A partnership to end malaria


Bendigo Bank Paradise Point Community Bank Branch, long-standing supporters of the Institute for Glycomics, have donated $10,000 in funding towards the Institute’s vital COVID-19 research, aiding their fight against the global pandemic.

The vital funding has enabled the acquisition of an Avanti J-15R centrifuge, a new piece of equipment housed within the Institute’s Physical Containment Level 3 Facility.  The high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is used to separate virus from culture media, and this particular model has the added features of bio-containment lids for working with highly infectious pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2.

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Fighting COVID-19 together

Testimonials & Tributes


A special tribute from Honorary Fellow, Mr Robert (Bob) Gordon

Bob Gordon served a remarkable 8+ years as a member on the Institute’s Board of Advice, promoting community engagement while demonstrating his passionate support of our research. In this special tribute, Bob reflects on his long and remarkable journey alongside the Institute for Glycomics.

“The team at the Institute for Glycomics are the real heroes, I just get to tell their story. I will continue to tell their story as I close the chapter of being a Board of Advice member and turn the page to an Honorary Fellow of the Institute for Glycomics.

“This next chapter will be their best yet.”

Read his tribute


“Bendigo Bank strengthens local communities by reinvesting in programs for health, education, the environment and many more. We are immensely proud to support the world-class research undertaken by Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics. Our sponsorship ensures that the Institute and its researchers have access to the most innovative assets as they deliver on their vision of delivering novel drugs and vaccines to the community. We love the ground-breaking research of the Institute and follow their discoveries with great interest and admiration.”

Tony Jensen, Senior Manager
Paradise Point Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank

Sally & Warren von Bibra Testimonial

“We have been supporting the Institute for Glycomics since 2003. We had the distinct pleasure of meeting Professor Mark von Itzstein who gave us a tour of their state-of-the-art facilities and an overview of the work being done by their remarkable team of world-renowned researchers; research of ground-breaking proportions. It is an honour and a privilege to support them in their fight against diseases of global impact; diseases that affect and devastate so many people's lives each day. We feel confident that our financial donations are helping to shape a brighter, healthier future - a future filled with hope.”

Sally and Warren von Bibra

Ms Jenny Wong Testimonial

“The Institute for Glycomics research is fascinating. What was impossible in the past is now conducted by the internationally renowned researchers of the Institute for Glycomics. How they investigate disease using the unique “glycomics” approach is so cutting-edge! The outcomes of their research prove they are on the right path. With the hard work of researchers at the Institute for Glycomics, I believe we could tackle the world's most devastating diseases like cancer, malaria, deadly strains of flu, tuberculosis and many more, but they need our help. Research is our only hope, but it's expensive!”

Ms Jenny Wong

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