Exploring ways to shift disadvantage through education

This program focuses on children and young adults at risk of not fulfilling their potential because of:

  • socio-economic circumstances
  • challenges such as autism and disability
  • mental and emotional upheaval including trauma and displacement
  • discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity, migration status, gender and age.

The program also focuses on educational policy and the enactment of such policies at international, national and local levels.

Co-convenors of this program are Professor Parlo Singh, Professor Beryl Exley and Dr Sue Whatman.

Overview of our projects

Prof Parlo Singh outlines her current co-enquiry research with teachers to address learning attainment in reading comprehension of students who have been under-performing.

Research projects

Y Connect

A project at Yeronga State High School, Y Connect is funded by a Queensland Collaboration and Innovation Fund grant. The project aims to develop new approaches to learning through focusing on student wellbeing and development and integrating arts-based opportunities as a conduit to further development. Project members: Associate Professor Penny Bundy, Professor Julie Dunn, Associate Professor Madonna Stinson, Dr Linda Hassall, Dr Marta Kawka, and Ms Adrianne Jones (YConnect Project Manager).

Drama in Intensive and Acute Care

The aim of this project is to improve nursing education at postgraduate level, using drama as an important learning medium focusing on teamwork, communication and conflict management in acute and critical care in Australia and in Sweden. Project members: Margret Lepp, Mona Ringdal and Sepideh Olausson (Gothenburg University, Sweden), Professor Emeritus Bruce Burton, Frances Lin, Associate Professor Penny Bundy and Professor Wendy Chaboyer.

More information

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