Mario Wibowo

Mario works with Associate Professor Rohan Davis and his research focus is Phytochemical Studies on Australian Celastraceae Plants.

My research interest is in the discovery of new and novel natural products. GRIDD is a world-renowned institute in the field of natural products-based drug discovery. Thus, it is a perfect place for me to strengthen my research skills. In addition, the institute has state-of-the art research facilities, which allow me to undertake even more exciting research.

My experiences at the Institute so far have been amazing and I am enjoying my PhD journey. Working together with my supervisor is the most enjoyable thing here. He has been very helpful during my PhD studies. I have published several papers based on my research, and that could not be done without his expert guidance.

Hannah Leeson

Hannah’s supervisor is Dr Michael Weible II, and the focus of her research is purinergic regulation of proliferation and differentiation in adult hippocampal neural progenitor cells. Hannah says:

So far, my PhD has been both challenging and rewarding, with lots of ups and downs, set-backs and breakthroughs. I would recommend the Institute to students looking for research opportunities in drug discovery and natural product chemistry, as this institute is well equipped in this field. Students here are also very supportive of each other and our social events provide excellent networking opportunities.

David Hilko

David is working with Professor Sally-Ann Poulsen on medicinal chemistry.

I chose to study at the Institute as I had done a research project here in undergrad and found it to be a friendly supportive environment with an emphasis on quality research. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive; the people make this Institute a great place to study. I’ve particularly enjoyed the Australian bush environment in and around the institute and getting to know people from all around the world who study here.

Megan Cross

Megan is working with Associate Professor Andreas Hofmann on a target-based drug discovery project. The group is a structural biology lab, so they study the three-dimensional structure of the enzyme and how it functions to better understand how it might be inhibited. They have identified an enzyme that is essential to a range of pathogens (disease-causing agents), particularly their focus parasites (parasitic nematodes), and they are exploring using it in a vaccine, as well as finding new molecules that stop it functioning and that might therefore be developed into new therapeutics.

I chose the Institute for the chance to work with my supervisor and be involved in his research. He sets a superb example of balancing innovative research with teaching, both as a lecturer and the author of several textbooks. My experience so far has been exciting and eye-opening. This is definitely an environment for growth and we are challenged every day to be creative and critical. Having the opportunity to collaborate and work with students from other disciplines has been very enjoyable. It gives me new insight into my own work when I hear how a chemist views my very biological assays.

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