Carrying out a research project at GRIDD gives you the chance to work with world-class experts and to study important diseases

GRIDD has a strong culture of support for its candidates.

You will have access to superb facilities and be at the cutting edge of cross-disciplinary drug discovery.

Explore the opportunities below.

Research projects

We have a range of honours, masters and PhD projects available, including:

  • Molecular target identification of antimalarial drugs
  • Discovery of antimalarial drugs by screening drug-like fragments
  • Development of new chemical probes for imaging of live cells
  • Development of small molecule imaging agents for the detection of hypoxic tumours
  • Selectively targeting cancer and infectious disease with fragment-based drug discovery
  • Discovery of new drugs for hard-to-treat cancers
  • Regulation of neural progenitor fate
  • Exploring the mitochondria / proteasome nexus in Parkinson’s disease
  • From embryonic stem cell to neural stem cell to neuron.

Find a supervisor

Discover more about the expertise of our GRIDD researchers and find a supervisor who matches your research interests.

Candidate experiences at GRIDD

Curious to know more? Read what current candidates have to say about their experiences and research supervision at GRIDD.


For undergraduates

To gain lab experience at GRIDD over the summer vacation, Griffith University students should contact relevant GRIDD research leaders for more information.

For honours candidates

GRIDD research leaders offer a range of honours projects for candidates enrolled through Griffith's School of Environment and Science.

For international students

The International Students Office can assist you with details of undergraduate and postgraduate enrolment and support options.

Research study

Find out all you need to know about PhD and research study at Griffith, from degrees to scholarships and how to apply. Our Griffith Graduate Research School also offers a range of opportunities to enhance your graduate experience.

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