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The success of our research relies on you - the ongoing support of individuals, community groups and philanthropic organisations as well as government and industry partners.

Through your generosity we will continue to strive to transform people’s lives.

How to give to GRIDD

Identifying new treatments for cancer, infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance and neurological diseases can take years and requires extensive expertise and costly equipment. We are very grateful for any individual or corporate donations and bequests to help us take our research forward. Your donations will go directly to GRIDD and help us in the fight against the world's most devastating diseases.

Join GRIDD Director’s Circle

Join like-minded philanthropists, committed to supporting talented scientists to help solve some of the world’s big medical problems of today, through the GRIDD Director’s Circle.

The Director’s Circle is a Giving Circle, which recognises the importance of educating the next generation of scientists, and providing career and personal development opportunities to future leaders in science.

By bringing together like-minded people and pooling annual donations for a common purpose, the Circle can achieve so much more than any individual on their own.

By joining GRIDD Director’s Circle you can enjoy the company of fellow philanthropists, and help to provide research scholarships and grants to:

  • support and nurture talented undergraduate students who wish to undertake a research project at GRIDD,
  • help outstanding postgraduate students to advance their technical and communication skills, and
  • provide meritorious early career postdoctoral researchers with professional development opportunities.

Every cent of your donation will go to scholarship or grant recipients, selected by a panel led by the GRIDD Director, and may also contribute to GRIDD projects if decided by the Circle. Plus, all donations are tax deductible.

As a thank you for your generosity the GRIDD Director will host two exclusive events a year where will you meet some of our inspiring young researchers and hear about how your contribution is influencing their work.

Want to get involved?

GRIDD aims is to raise $10,000 every year. Members make a tax-deductible donation of $1,000 every year for three years.

To join, or find out more please contact GRIDD Advancement Manager Olga Chaourova.

Where will my donation go?


Our researchers

GRIDD's researchers rely upon donations to continue their important work in finding treatments for some of the world's most devastating diseases.

Your donations can help fund individual research projects or those of an entire laboratory research team.


Our students

All students, regardless of their personal or financial circumstances, should have the opportunity to succeed.

Donations for student scholarships foster excellence, counter disadvantage, enable students to dedicate the necessary time to research and can allow them to say yes to life changing opportunities like overseas study.


Our facilities

Access to high quality facilities and equipment makes a big difference to research scientists.

Donations to GRIDD can fund the purchasing of cutting-edge technologies, allowing our researchers to remain at the forefront of scientific knowledge.

Ready to give to GRIDD?

Thank you for your generous support. Every gift makes a difference.

Contact our giving team

Olga Chaourova

Advancement Manager - Medical Sciences and GRIDD

Phone: +61 7 37356065

Mobile: 0466659032


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