About the Institute for Drug Discovery

Our vision

To be a world-leading drug discovery hub that recruits and supports outstanding people; provides an inclusive environment and exceptional resources for drug lead discovery and characterisation; and partners effectively with stakeholders to facilitate translational outcomes.

Our purpose

Creating Knowledge That Transforms Lives.

Mission statement

We do this by:

  • Targeting the world’s most devastating diseases
  • Working together to solve fundamental and applied problems
  • Innovating at the chemistry:biology interface
  • Fostering the next generation of scientists
  • Supporting unique state-of-the-art research platforms
  • Collaborating across academia, community, government, health, industry

Our values are

Excellence – we:

  • Attract, support, train and develop high-performing staff
  • Proactively engage with our peers to deliver high quality, impactful outcomes
  • Invest in cutting-edge infrastructure that supports our work

Integrity – we:

  • Are honest and ethical in everything we do
  • Are reliable and keep our commitments
  • Have the courage to stand up for what we believe is right

Collegiality – we:

  • Co-operate, collaborate and help each other - to build a better Institute
  • Celebrate each others success, and acknowledge contributions appropriately
  • Communicate constructively, openly and honestly

Respect – we:

  • Are considerate of each other’s needs and recognise the value of diversity
  • Are inclusive, engaging and consultative
  • Treat people fairly, with courtesy and dignity

Equity and diversity

GRIDD is one of Griffith University’s champions of gender equity in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM), ensuring women are best positioned to reach their full potential.

Find out more about the Equity policy of the Institute

History and people

GRIDD comprises more than 130 research, administrative and support staff.

Find out more about the history and people of the institute

Most of the imagery on this website is the work of Desley Pitcher, an Institute staff member from 2000-2005.

We also thank Renata Buziak (PhD) for the use of her NatureBank images. Renata is a photo-media artist, researcher and educator.