Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Griffith has an exciting ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, supported by remarkable teaching, research, enterprise and our industry partners

We are creating opportunities, disrupting existing ways of thinking and doing, and creating solutions with impact for local and global problems. We are providing support for a new wave of thinkers, and we want you to be part of it.

Discover our innovation spaces and fabrication labs, collaborate with our researchers, attend a masterclass or work with our talented students to find clever solutions.

Connect with the Griffith Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Learn from experts and collaborate with our vibrant community of innovative thinkers. Find out what courses, events, mentors, projects, clubs and other opportunities we offer to build your entrepreneurial skills and networks, and transform your ideas into reality.

Student Entrepreneurship

Find out about our cutting edge entrepreneurship courses and programs, and the exciting range of initiatives we offer our students to develop skills, grow ideas and forge networks.

Check out the opportunities we have on campus, in the community and with industry for developing remarkable new world innovators.

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Griffith Enterprise

Griffith Enterprise is the University's dedicated office for business and government engagements, innovations and new ventures. Our vision is to see Griffith successfully working in partnerships to create meaningful solutions.

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Research and Innovation

From what could be the world’s first malaria vaccine—now at human trial stage—to the first photo of a single atom’s shadow, Griffith researchers are at the forefront of discovery. Working in our world-class research centres, institutes and schools, our researchers are driven to better understand our world and improve people’s lives.

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Industry Partnerships

We foster mutually beneficial partnerships with industry, government and the community that power innovation and drive success. Each of our collaborations delivers cutting­-edge, practical solutions that make a positive and lasting difference. If you are interested in partnering with Griffith University contact us.

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Study innovation and entrepreneurship

We have degrees, majors and courses designed to teach you the skills you need to grow your ideas, become an entrepreneur or to bring innovative thinking and practice into your profession.

Griffith Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The Griffith Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem is made up of a vibrant community of students, researchers, academics and professional staff. We collaborate with our highly successful alumni, industry mentors and industry and community partners to provide our students with a remarkable student experience that equips them with enterprise skills, innovative thinking and practical industry experiences.


Edu Growth

New and emergent technologies are providing opportunities for radical innovation in teaching and learning. For this reason, Griffith is a founding partner of the education technology startup incubator, EduGrowth.

Our Remarkable Innovations

Every day at Griffith our researchers, students, alumni and industry partners are working together to find innovative solutions to local and global problems.

Read some of their remarkable stories.

Collaborate with us

Whether you’re an academic outside Griffith looking to connect with our expertise, or a business leader seeking better outcomes for your organisation, collaborating with Griffith can uncover unparalleled prospects.

Our Innovation Hubs and Makerspaces

We have ground-breaking centres of innovation and dedicated spaces at each of our campuses for students, researchers and industry to collaborate, share, learn and create.


GLO@Logan Griffith Innovation Lounge

This innovation building offers a physical place for students, staff, community, regional businesses and industry to develop enterprise skills, enhance small business acumen and access education in entrepreneurial thinking and practice.

  • Director: Professor Lesley Chenoweth
  • Who can use the space? Students, staff, industry and community
  • Facilities:  Four 3 x 3 m office space, board room with AV system, three co-working, four hang out spaces, connection to the Griffith University dark-fibre network connection, printers 24x7x 365 onsite security and parking, tea and coffee making facilities

Celeste Alcaraz

Innovation Project Officer

GLO@Logan Griffith Innovation Lounge

Facilities Lane, Building L01, Logan Campus

(07) 3382 1361

Yunus Social Business Centre

Yunus Social Business Centre

Yunus Social Business Centres around the world focus on the elimination of poverty and unemployment. The concept of ‘social business’ involves helping people to become self-employed in a profit-making business where all profits are re-invested to employ more people. Corporates, Philanthropies, and altruistic individuals provide funding to establish these social ventures, and ultimately get their money back (without interest or profit) to reinvest in other social businesses to continue the fight against poverty and unemployment.

  • Director: Professor Evan Douglas
  • Who can use the Centre? Students and staff members who are actively planning and assisting ‘social business’ventures. It is a place to meet and discuss potential social businesses and how these newbusiness ventures might be planned, funded, and implemented.
  • Facilities: Meeting space for maximum 12 persons, with internet connection and video-phone.

Preethi Weerasinghe

Department Secretary, Department of Marketing

Building N63, Room 1.12, Nathan Campus (Secretariat is in Building N63, Room 2.17)

(07) 373 5723

Find out more about Yunus Social Business Centre

Policy Innovation Hub

We link the research and expertise of Griffith University with government and the community sector. Our aim is to catalyse and support innovative collaborations that create value for people and communities.

  • Director: Professor Anne Tiernan
  • Who can use the Hub? We see ourselves as a 'collaborative platform' that partners in industry, government and the community can use to engage and work with researchers, students and staff. 
  • Consulting and Services: We provide cross disciplinary project teams to provide analysis and options for key policy challenges. We undertake consultancies, offer facilitation to explore complex problems and convene policy workshops to showcase emerging issues or to tackle the public policy challenges of our time.

Sian Robinson

Manager, Policy Innovation Hub

Griffith South Bank Graduate Centre (S07) 4.20

(07) 3735 3528

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Queensland College of Art studios

QCA Studios

Study at the QCA’s South Bank campus in the heart of Brisbane’s cultural precinct or at the thriving arts community at the Gold Coast campus and enjoy access to world-class facilities, art galleries, exhibition spaces, studios and cutting-edge computer laboratories.

  • Director: Professor Derrick Cherrie
  • Who can use the studios? The studios can be used by both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Facilities: The facilities available include 3D printers, laser cutters, workshops, spray painting booths, and collaborative studio spaces for students. The studios are supported by on site technical staff.

Grey St Studios, South Bank Campus and Visual Arts Building (G14), Gold Coast Campus

Find out more about Queensland College of Art

Studio 39


Studio 39 is a startup hatchery run by Griffith Enterprise.

  • Who can use the space? All students interested in establishing startups and looking to collaborate and develop ideas.
  • Facilities: Collaborative work space with Griffith Enterprise staff on hand to answer questions and assist with ideas.

Mr Brian Smith

Associate Director Engagement, Griffith Enterprise

Building G39 Room 3.54, Gold Coast Campus

(07) 555 27294

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Engineering Studio and Fabrication Lab

Engineering Studio and Fabrication Lab

The Engineering Studio and Fabrication Lab is a teaching space designed to promote experiential learning and prototype creation. Our industry standard laboratory enables our electronic engineering students to design for manufacture - from prototype to small production run using laser cutters, 3D printers, mills and component placement machines.

  • Who can use the space? The space can be used by both undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students as well as members of the Electronics Club.
  • Facilities: Laser cutters, 3D printers, mills, reflow oven, lathe, small manufacturing power tools, pick and place machine and collaborative spaces for students. The laboratory also includes a standard electronic testing set up. The laboratory is supported by on-site technical staff.

Sean Reynolds Massey Reed

Senior Technical Officer, Griffith School of Engineering

Building N44, Level 0.14-18 and -1.08, Nathan Campus

07 3735 5030

Find out more about Engineering Studios and Fabrication Lab

Creative Practice Lab

Creative Practice Lab

The Creative Practice Lab is the only facility worldwide to combine teacher education, digital technologies (including robotics and digital fabrication), with state-of-the-art video recording and online collaboration systems. It has three distinct spaces: a print room (with 3D printer and laser cutter), an innovative teaching space (newly completed with flexible furniture, writable walls, and multiple display screens) and the visualisation hub (for R&D staff associated with the CPL to process and analyse multimodal data for learning collected for research purposes). One aim of the CPL is to provide staff from across the University with opportunities to engage with innovative research around teaching and learning in contemporary learning environments. 

  • Who can use the space? Educators and researchers
  • Facilities: 3D printer, laser cutter, robotics, writable walls, multiple screens and other digital technologies. Research equipment, including innovative systems for data collection are available for use in the room and at other locations.

Dr Kate Thompson

Building M06, Room 3.01, Mt Gravatt Campus

(07) 3735 5871

Red Zone

Red Zones

The Red Zones are high-tech collaboration and event spaces. They contain a range of interactive technologies that give you the chance to explore our knowledge and expertise and see what's possible at Griffith.

  • Facilities: Digital touch screens, projection dome, projection wave wall and digital microscopes. Available for booking
  • Who can use the space? The Red Zone is a great destination for school students thinking about university. Through interactive and immersive technology, students can discover some of the opportunities at Griffith. The Red Zone can also be booked by the general public, providing an ideal environment for corporate and community functions and events. It is open to visitors on weekdays between 10:00am - 4:00pm or bookable outside of these hours.

Mindy Davies

Red Zone Coordinator

G40 – Room 3.71, Gold Coast Campus and N78 – Room 0.14, Nathan Campus

(07) 5552 7265

Find out more about Red Zones

Griffith Learning Space

The Learning Space

As a community partnership between Griffith University and Westfield Garden City, The Learning Space provides relevant, interesting and useful activities for the community, in the community. The Learning Space provides a unique off-campus location for members of the public to engage with Griffith's remarkable students and staff.   The Learning Space demonstrates what Griffith is good at, and what we are good for. 

  • Who can use the space? There are a suite of activities targeted at various members of the community.  Anyone is able to book The Learning Space to run their own activities.  
  • Facilities: The Learning Space is equipped with a laptop, 65” monitor, remote presenter, 40 stackable chairs, four large movable tables and two whiteboards.  There are also pin boards and a presentation credenza for use.  Guests also have access to a small kitchenette with microwave and instant boiling water. 

Nathan Seng

Project Manager

Level 2, Westfield Garden City, Upper Mt Gravatt

(07) 3735 4783

Find out more about The Learning Space

Griffith Learning Space

Social Marketing @ Griffith

We are a team of 30 social marketing researchers, practitioners and professionals and higher degree research students from 18 countries working on projects to change the Australian drinking culture, lower tobacco smoking, increase physical activity, encourage healthy eating, increase financial literacy, and prevent human trafficking.

  • Director: Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele
  • Who can use the hub? We see ourselves as a 'collaborative platform' that partners in industry, government and the community can use to engage and work with researchers, students and staff.
  • Consulting and services: We offer comprehensive training courses and workshops about applying social marketing in your field or industry for positive change. Our team of experts will come to you and help you deliver change for good.

Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Building N63, Room 2.20, Nathan Campus

(07) 3735 6446

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Construction of the facility commences early 2019.

The Griffith Advanced Design and Manufacturing Institute (ADAM) will be an exciting new industry focused facility to provide a nexus for innovative digitally enabled design, new material development and usage, prototype development and foster skills growth in 3D printing and advanced manufacturing.

ADAM's hub facility will be located within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct - a globally competitive precinct driving knowledge, innovation and commercialisation.

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Resources for Griffith staff

Access the professional development hub Explore for professional learning and teaching resources, best practice exemplars, case studies and practical tools for developing enterprise skills, design thinking and innovative problem solving in your field.