Supporting the information lifecycle

Griffith manages information assets intelligently to promote productivity and security for our broad community. Our solutions and services support staff to protect information, improve collaboration, and drive innovation and growth.

Information Management Principles

Information and data that is of value to the University and will be protected and managed as an asset.


Effective and innovative management helps build the strategic value of the University's information.

Goals of our services:

  • increased productivity: enabling staff to focus on value add activities
  • reduced costs: through storage, information consolidation and optimised content-based workflows replacing manual processes
  • reduced time opportunity costs: enabling potential students, academics, researchers, support staff and alumni to access and reuse knowledge
  • improved people networks: enabling more effective virtual team working to continually extend the corporate knowledge base and memory
  • reduced information security risk: our usable tools lead to less ‘under the radar’ working practices and reduced risk of data loss
  • identifying one source of truth: for improved insight and decision making

Business enablement

Supporting the information management capability of the University's academic and business units, and digitising their business processes

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Information Asset Register

Ensuring the University's information is centrally located, defined and organised to facilitate access

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Information Security Classification

Data classification to defend information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, modification, recording or destruction

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Information storage

Guidance on approved and supported storage options

Productivity Hub


Training on individual rights and responsibilities on the collection, storage, use and protection of personal information

Privacy plan

IM framework

Embedding a consistent approach to information as an asset across Griffith's research, Teaching and Learning, and corporate areas

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Records Management

Records Services manages the lifecycle of University records in accordance with the Public Records Act 2002 and other related legislation.

We assist staff to manage the records you create at the University.

Areas of focus:

  • records creation
  • capture and digitisation
  • business classification
  • appraisal of retention requirements
  • access to corporate records
  • disposal

Managing University records

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