Welcome to STEM Cup, where teams battle it out in fun, weekly, hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths challenges to compete for the STEM Cup!

STEM Cup is an after-school STEM competition for students in years five, six, seven and eight. The students compete in two divisions, Primary and Secondary, over a period of seven weeks. Each week the teams score points for the challenges they complete with the top scoring teams earning a place at the STEM Cup Grand Final held at Griffith University.

The challenges change weekly, allowing the competition to cover a broad range of topics across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All challenges aim to link learning to real world applications, putting what the teams are doing into a larger perspective. The Grand Final Challenges build on the skills and knowledge that teams have developed over the seven-week competition and take everything to a whole new level!

STEM Cup participation costs $60 per student (teams of three), per term. Registration confirmation is subject to full payment.

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Secondary Division Winners, 2018

ExSTEMinators - Varsity College

A year 8 team with a strong interest in STEM. In just their second year competing in the Griffith Sciences STEM Cup, the Varsity College team was able to come away victorious.

Primary Division Winners, 2018

Braniacs - Clover Hill State School

A passionate team of year 5 and 6's, Clover Hill State School has been competing in the Griffith Sciences STEM Cup competition since 2016. It's great to see them come away with the win. Well done Braniacs.

STEM Cup 2018

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