The Griffith Indigenous STEM Experience Day introduces students to the world of scientific and technological endeavour and the integrated nature of STEM disciplines.

Indigenous students in years 9 to 12, along with their teachers or community Elders, are invited to participate in hands-on workshops at our Nathan campus on 18 June 2019 from 9.45 am - 2.10 pm.

Students will have an opportunity to explore our state-of-the-art facilities and the natural laboratories within our campus as well as find out more about how Griffith can support students in their transition to university studies. Students will participate in one of two workshop streams, an IT and engineering stream or a science and environment stream. This will be selected in the online form when registering for the event.

The Griffith Indigenous STEM Experience Day is free but limited to 20 students per school with a total of 100 students attending the event. We look forward to welcoming you and your students on-campus.

Experience Day information

  • When: Tuesday 18 June 2019
  • Where: Griffith University Nathan campus
  • Time: 9.45 am – 2.10 pm
  • Registration: Closed

Students nominate one activity stream. Teachers will collate student numbers and register final attendance numbers below.

Confirmation of sessions will be sent to schools in an email. Workshop numbers are capped and will be closed as they are filled - students may have to attend an alternative workshop if their nominated session is full. Schools will be notified of this in the confirmation email.

Activity Streams

ICT and Engineering

Students will learn about ICT and engineering through two hands-on activities where they can experience our cutting-edge facilities and work with experts in their field.

Environment and Science

Students will experience two hands-on workshops relating to environment and science study areas where they will learn from real-world scientists and discover topics that impact our environment.

Any questions?

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