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Griffith Sciences’ expertise across the traditional disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics is matched by a superior understanding of the impacts and opportunities presented through continued technological advancement. This creates the bedrock of learning and teaching strategies, while also translating into successful research outcomes across a broad range of scientific fields.

Our researchers are providing scientific solutions to global challenges. Griffith was named in the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal, Nature, as the Nature Index Rising Star for the Oceania region in 2018.

Precision Medicine Data Platform (PMDP) Project

We have a range of new Artificial Intelligence PhD projects in healthcare. A number of these topics will be selected to receive top-up scholarships from the Precision Medicine Data Platform (PMDP) project funded by Advance Queensland and Datarwe Pty Ltd

We'd love you to join our community

If you’re interested in research that makes a difference, we’d love you to join our community. We offer a broad range of higher degree research supervisors and support to assist you with your chosen research project. We’re also seeking higher degree research candidates for a range of high-profile projects, across our research centres and institutes.

Drug Discovery Projects

Griffith Research Institute for Drug Discovery are currently seeking higher degree research candidates for several large projects, including:

  • Identifying biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease as a step toward a cure
  • Lighting up malaria parasite DNA
  • Unravelling the genomic dark matter: the key to precision medicine for neurological disorders
  • Getting to the guts of the problem: New drugs for giardiasis
  • Bioinspired polymeric particles as next-generation drug delivery platform

Materials Science Projects

The Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre at Griffith is seeking higher degree research candidates for a range of projects, including:

  • Carbon dots – biosystem interfaces: Interactions, and energy and signal transfers
  • Superior silicon carbide sensing technology
  • Electromagnetic vibration energy harvester: permanent battery for sensor network
  • Harmonic Analysis for Nonlinear Loads used in Smart Microgrids and Distributed Energy System
  • Readying quantum chemistry for the second quantum revolution
  • Hydrogen storage alloys for metal-hydride compressors
  • DC microgrids for hydrogen production and export
  • Surface Engineering in Silicon-Carbide Transistors for Enhanced conversion of electric power
  • Devices for Early Breast Cancer Detection
  • Microfluidic technologies for cell separation

Griffith Sciences research centres and institutes

Australian Rivers Institute

If the future health and management or our waterways is your passion, then consider undertaking higher degree research with the Australian Rivers Institute.

  • Biodiversity and conservation management
  • Reducing risks to water security
  • Sustainable fisheries and coastal ecosystems
  • Repairing land and water systems
  • Connecting soil and water
  • Innovative approaches for monitoring and reporting
  • Aquatic ecosystems in a changing climate
  • Water and society
  • Predicting water futures
  • Ecology of groundwater – surface water interactions

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Cities Research Institute

If you desire to help make cities better places to live we offer a range of research expertise in this area.

  • Adaptation Science
  • Building Science and Construction Innovation
  • Coastal Resilience
  • Digital earth and green infrastructure
  • Digital infrastructure management
  • Housing
  • Digital multi-utility transformation
  • Gold Coast Futures
  • Sea Cities
  • Transport research group
  • Urban water and waste management

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Environmental Futures Research Institute

If you want to create change towards a sustainable future studying at EFRI gives you the chance to tackle some of the world’s greatest environmental challenges.

The Environmental Futures Research Institute seeks to address improve human health and wellbeing by supporting our four strategic research platforms.

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Centre for Clean Environment and Energy

Strategic platform for multidisciplinary research and innovation in the area of environmental sustainability.

  • Enhancements in catalysis and catalytic processes
  • Water resource management
  • Nature Product chemistry
  • Energy storage and conservation

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Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution

Gaining a deeper understanding of ancient human migrations and the full story of the origins of people in our region.

  • Archaeogeochemistry and Geochronology
  • Archaeology
  • Genomics
  • Landscape and Human Co-Evolution
  • Palaeoanthropology
  • Rock Art and Symbolic Material Culture Research.

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Planetary Health

Seeking to better understand our biological environment and improve its management to ensure that human health and wellbeing is maintained in the future.
Polar ecology and cycling of pollutants

  • Emerging infectious diseases and environmental change
  • Social and environmental justice
  • Biodiversity conservation and restoration in the Anthropocene
  • Response and adaptation to climate change
  • Sustainable use of wild populations and natural environments
  • Environmental toxicology and pollution
  • Urban and peri-urban ecology

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Food Futures

Addressing the urgent global need to access sufficient, healthy and preferred food. With the aim to inform policy and practice change for improved sustainability and resilience of our food production systems.

  • Soil security and bio-pollutant management
  • Sustainable food production through novel tools and practices
  • Drivers and mitigators of food insecurity
  • Development of enabling and platform technologies

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Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery

Carrying out a research project at GRIDD gives you the chance to work with world-class experts and to study significant global health problems, focusing on the discovery of new drugs.

  • Cancer
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Drug Resistance
  • Spinal cord injury repair

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Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems

If you are looking to develop technologies with real-life applications in artificial intelligence, computer image processing and robotics, then consider undertaking higher degree research with IIIS .

  • Health Informatics
  • Environmental Informatics
  • Bioinformatics

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Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre

If you have a passion for materials development, silicon carbide microelectronics, micro-electromechanical systems and microfluidics that help develop cutting-edge technologies and improve people’s way of life then consider undertaking higher degree research with QMNC.

  • Silicon carbide on silicon technology
  • Surfaces, interfaces, porous materials and membranes
  • Preparation, properties and applications of graphene
  • Sic-based power switches for efficient energy systems
  • Exploration of GaN devices for power-switching applications
  • Computational science and engineering for micro- and nanotechnology
  • Fundamental studies on micro- and nanoscale systems
  • Transport and flow in biomedical systems
  • SPTS technologies and joint development programs
  • Translation technologies
  • Materials for energy storage and conversion
  • Microfluidics and lab on a chip technology

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Centre for Quantum Dynamics

If you have an interest in the quantum world then consider undertaking higher degree research with the Centre for Quantum Dynamics.

  • Quantum Optics and Information
  • Integrated Quantum Photonics
  • Ion-Trap Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Biophysics
  • Ultrafast Attosecond Science
    Quantum Foundations and Information Theory

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