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Throughout your candidature, there are a number of administrative milestones you will need to complete. These milestones act by way of monitoring student progress and prompt discussion between student, supervisors & HDR Convenors.

Research candidates guide

The Griffith Sciences Higher Degree Research Candidates Guide has been prepared as a brief overview of your candidature with the Group. It provides general administrative information and reporting requirements during your candidature. It will be a helpful reference tool as you progress to your ultimate goal - thesis submission.

Early candidature milestone

The Early Candidature Milestone is designed to assist and guide candidates to plan your research. This milestone should be completed within 6 months of commencement (full-time equivalent) in consultation with the Principal Supervisor. Details of the requirements of this milestone are outlined in the Early Candidature Milestone report.

Thesis and candidature review milestone

This milestone is a formative review of the work completed towards the thesis. It is designed to guide improvements and assure the quality of the thesis to be submitted for examination. This milestone is to be completed 2.5 years – 3 years of candidature (full-time equivalent). The milestone report must be completed and submitted to the Principal Supervisor 2 weeks in advance of a meeting with supervisor. Details of the requirements of this milestone are outlined in the Thesis and Candidature Review Milestone Report.

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