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Being a university student is a tricky balance.  You need to make time for lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions, study, assessment, group tasks, family, work and much, much more.

With so much going on, we know it can be difficult to find time to proactively prepare for your future career. We also know (because we talk to our graduates and our industry partners) that leaving your career development until your final year really is leaving it too late.

That’s where PLUS comes in. Literally Professional Learning for University Students, PLUS is a one-stop-shop to help you work out what to do, when to do it, how to do it and who to talk to about your career development and employability.


PLUS is delivered by a series of practical, online workshops you can easily manage even if you have a busy schedule.


Available within the context of your discipline, PLUS is tailored to the professional needs of your industry.


PLUS will help you create valuable industry connections and link your current experiences to your future career.

Future Focused

PLUS activities allow you to develop, identify and articulate your capabilities to meet employer’s expectations - now and in the future.


We are working to embed PLUS activities within your degree – so you’ll get added value from your learning activity and assessment.

PLUS in your discipline

  • Architecture PLUS
  • Aviation PLUS
  • Construction Management PLUS
  • Engineering PLUS
  • Environment PLUS
  • Forensics PLUS
  • Planning PLUS
  • Science PLUS
  • As you work through each level of the PLUS program you will develop a professional portfolio of your experiences. You can draw from work you have completed in your degree to ensure your portfolio matches the expectations of employers in your industry and aligns with the professional competencies you will need to evidence as a graduate.

    Start anytime

    You will work through PLUS at your own pace, so you can start at any stage of your degree.

    Overview of Sciences PLUS

    Participate - attend the interactive, online PLUS Workshops to earn your Bronze and Silver PLUS (and unlock access to the Gold PLUS workshops). Each workshop focuses on specific, tangible steps you can take to create unique professional development opportunities that match your career aspirations. At each achievement level you will unlock rewards to help you with your ongoing professional development.

    Reflect - access the reflective templates in the PLUS program to record and reflect on your experiences and identify the skills, knowledge and capabilities you have developed. Each PLUS workshop will guide you through the reflective process so you can keep an accurate record of your experiences and highlight your achievements.

    Create - Sciences PLUS is all about you! In the Gold PLUS workshops we will provide ideas and guidance to help you to create a professional Portfolio of your experiences to demonstrate your unique combination of skills, capabilities, knowledge, personality and aspirations.

    Get started

    Explore your options

    Know yourself

    Identify and evidence your key skills and personal attributes.

    Know your industry

    Learn what your future career might involve.

    Know Your Story

    Understand and articulate who you are and what you do.

    Get real experience

    Create connections

    Meet and engage with professionals from your industry.

    Enrich your experience

    Make strategic choices about how to spend your ‘spare’ time.

    Shape your future

    Look for work placement and professional practice opportunities.

    Expand your prospects

    Raise the stakes

    Think creatively about opportunities that will help you develop your skills.

    Evidence your skills

    Reflect on your learning journey and prepare to share your professional story.

    Take the next step

    Plan for your transition to a graduate role with creative job search strategies and killer application materials.

    What Students say about PLUS

    The PLUS employability modules are gold.

    – 2nd year Engineering Student

    I found all the activities in the PLUS program helpful. They made me think about my employability in ways I hadn’t really considered before.

    – 2nd year Environment Student

    The PLUS program offered me  professional learning that I regret that I did not have exposure to sooner.

    – Final year ICT Student

    Unlock rewards

    Bronze PLUS

    →Exclusive Griffith Sciences Bronze Pineapple Pen

    →Individual feedback on your resume

    →Individual feedback on your LinkedIn Profile

    Silver PLUS

    →Exclusive Griffith Sciences Silver Pineapple Pen

    →Individual feedback on your Cover Letter

    →Recommendation from the PLUS Coordinator on your LinkedIn Profile

    →Invitation to attend a Practical Leadership workshop

    Gold PLUS

    →Exclusive Griffith Sciences
    Gold Pineapple Pen

    →Digital PLUS Badge in your specific discipline
    (e.g. Engineering PLUS, Planning PLUS)

    →Personalised recommendation from the
    Pro Vice Chancellor (Griffith Sciences)

    →Invitation to attend a mock Job Interview with the PLUS Coordinator

    digital badges

    Earn a digital PLUS Credential when you complete your Gold PLUS Achievement.

    Express your interest

    Find out more about the PLUS Workshops and keep up-to-date with PLUS news


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