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How can we transform our world by 2030?

By playing the 2030 SDGs Game and sharing it with the next generation.

The 2030 SDGs Game is a multiplayer, in-person, card-based game that simulates taking the "real world" into the year 2030 using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals and 169 targets set by the United Nations to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, ideally by the year 2030. For more information about the SDGs go to https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

This is a unique and targeted teaching resource to understand how the SDGs can be implemented in the real world.

The 2030 SDGs Game was designed in Japan in 2016 by Imacocollabo. Since then, this experience has become a powerful and impactful social phenomenon, earning extensive media coverage, and gaining momentum worldwide. It has now arrived in Australia!

The game is a tremendous resource and catalyst for any teacher who wants to inspire, motivate, and empower their students or school to embrace a vision of a sustainable world.

Based on the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability, the game would be ideally suited to teachers of:

  • Years 7 - 12 Geography
  • Years 11 - 12 Earth and Environmental Science
  • Years 11 - 12 Marine Science
  • Years 11 - 12 Biology
  • Years 11 - 12 Aquatic Practices
  • Years 11 - 12 Agricultural Science
  • Years 11 - 12 Agricultural Practices

Any teacher who has an interest in sustainability and/or the Sustainable Development Goals is also welcome. The game is not exclusive to only the above curricula.

The game provides three powerful benefits:
  1. It gives participants a direct experience of participating in co-creating a sustainable world.
  2. It simplifies and makes accessible an extremely complex issue to a level that allows participants to begin to understand the Sustainable Development Goals, while stimulating our natural curiosity to learn more.
  3. It activates participants' natural instincts to set their aim toward a worthy goal, simultaneously building confidence and making it enjoyable, while inspiring and motivating players to take action in the real world.

For more information about the 2030 SDGs Game, visit: https://2030sdgsgame.com/

Be among the first to experience this global game-changer

Due to the game structure, limited seats are available. Places will fill quickly so don't hesitate to secure your place.

Registration includes:

  • Facilitation by certified facilitators
  • Everything you require to play the game
  • Morning tea
  • Certificate of attendance


$82.50 per person (including GST)

Date & Time:

18th March 2020               8.30am - 12.30pm


Griffith EcoCentre, Griffith University, Nathan campus

Building N68, 170 Kessels Road, Nathan QLD 4111


8.30am - Arrival and registration

9.00am - 12.30pm - 2030 SDGs Game


Delwyn Langdon2020

Delwyn Langdon, Certified Facilitator

Delwyn is the Manager of the Griffith University EcoCentre and has worked in the sustainability industry for 19 years. The EcoCentre promotes sustainable development, environmental education and community engagement by working closely with government agencies, industry and the wider community. In January 2020, Delwyn travelled to Japan to become a Certified Facilitator for the 2030 SDGs Game, bringing this worldwide phenomenon to Australia and New Zealand.

Aya Matsuyama

Aya Matsuyama, Guest Facilitator

Aya is a Darwin-based coordinator and certified facilitator of Imacocollabo Global Team reaching out to the world with the 2030 SDGs Game. She is an advocate of meaningful learning through experience; therefore, believes in the potential of the game to bring transformation to ourselves and the world.

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