Collaborating with one of the recycling industry’s most innovative leaders to reduce landfill impact

The Griffith University EcoCentre has partnered with US recycling and upcycling powerhouse, Terracycle, embarking on a university-wide program, beginning with Nathan campus, to divert specific waste streams away from landfill, while educating the students, staff and the community about waste management.

We’re excited that Griffith is the first university in Australia with a multi-stream Terracycle program, setting an example for other tertiary institutions and large organisations. On Thursday 30 July 2015, the EcoCentre launched Terracycle at Griffith, and inducted over 40 university staff as volunteer recycling 'champions'. Griffith’s program is now collecting oral care waste, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and floss packaging at multiple locations across the Nathan campus.

Have any of these types of waste (in any brand)?

Bring them in to the EcoCentre for recycling and upcycling!

Want to find out more or get involved?

Simply use the form below to contact the Griffith University EcoCentre to learn more or, if you're a Griffith staff member, to get your very own Terracycle oral care waste collection box. You can also sign up to the EcoCentre’s mailing list or find us on Facebook, and we'll let you know about other programs, free workshops and events at the EcoCentre.

You can also drop off your waste in any Griffith University library on any campus. That's right - every campus! Simply bring your oral care waste to the library, and the staff will be able to guide you to the Terracycle box.

Due to COVID-19, we are currently not collecting oral care waste.

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