Our members acknowledge our great service.

Compounds Australia supports research programmes nationally and internationally. A testament to the facility’s great service can be reviewed in the highlighted case studies provided by our members. These case studies form a basis of our reporting requirements from our funding providers and provide a great opportunity to showcase their research and our service.

Understanding Drug Sensitivity in Ovarian Cancer

"Communication from Compounds Australia was extremely efficient and unambiguous. Importantly, after the primary screen concluded and the end user was looking to validate the key targets, Compounds Australian went above and beyond to identify solutions to a major problem we faced in sourcing sufficient reagents. Without their diligence and commitment, this project would not have been completed as originally anticipated."

Associate Professor Kaylene J. Simpson, Head, Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics

CO-ADD partners with​ ​Compounds Australia in Superbug Initiative

"Compounds Australia provided CO-ADD with invaluable service to facilitate the antimicrobial screening of large compound collections from around the world. Compounds Australia produced over 2,000 assay ready plates, which were directly used in CO-ADD’s screening workflow, as well as high quality compound storage of the compounds. Compounds Australia has been an integral part of CO-ADD’s compound handling and screening workflow."

Dr Mark Blaskovich, Program Coordinator, Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery

Facilitating Personalised Medicine screening at Children’s Cancer Institute

"Compounds Australia provide us with reliable services in managing our drug libraries and preparing screening plates for drug sensitivity testing of cancer patient samples, which is a vital element in us being able to deliver accurate data in a timely fashion for our personalised medicine program."

Tim Failes, Senior Drug Discovery Officer, Children's Cancer Institute

Profiling the biological activity of the Medicines for Malaria Pathogen Box

This project has resulted in the discovery of novel compounds against neglected tropical parasites for the drug discovery pipeline. With specialized storage facilities, Compounds Australia stored compounds under optimal conditions for maximal stability, contributing to the reliability and reproducibility of results. With specialized compound handling equipment and capabilities, compounds Australia provided these compounds in optimal volumes to allow numerous compound concentrations and biological assays and to be investigated.


Compounds Australia operates a partial cost recovery model and as such we are unable to fully fund new and replacement infrastructure. Accordingly, in collaboration with our stakeholders, we must pursue competitive infrastructure funding. Research metrics are central to supporting our case for funding as they help to highlight our contribution to the Australian research ecosystem. In order to compile and report these metrics, we are reliant on researchers, institutes and members acknowledging Compounds Australia’s role where possible, including in publications and presentations.

Acknowledgment need only be a single line in print or papers, or the use of the logo in presentations along with a quick email informing Compounds Australia that acknowledgment has been made.

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