Established in 2008, Compounds Australia remains Australia’s only integrated compound management facility

This highly specialised facility enables health and medical researchers worldwide to outsource compound and natural product management and logistics. This drives drug discovery and translational research efforts, through:

  • sample lodgement and storage
  • specialised formatting into assay-ready microplates
  • access to unique robotic and liquid handling platforms
  • a sample quality control program
  • large-scale data handling
  • programming and customisation of proprietary software
  • data tracking at all points of processing.

Understanding Drug Sensitivity in Ovarian Cancer

"Communication from Compounds Australia was extremely efficient and unambiguous. Importantly, after the primary screen concluded and the end user was looking to validate the key targets, Compounds Australian went above and beyond to identify solutions to a major problem we faced in sourcing sufficient reagents. Without their diligence and commitment, this project would not have been completed as originally anticipated."

Associate Professor Kaylene J. Simpson, Head, Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics

Our story


In 2001, Natural Product Discovery (now known as GRIDD) formed a group lead by Dr David Camp to oversee the production and storage of the Natural Product Library (now known as NatureBank). Using the expertise and experience gained at Natural Product Discovery, plans were made between 2003 and 2005 to establish a fully automated national compound management facility.

In 2008, the QLD Compound Library (QCL) opened its doors. Foundation members were given access to start depositing samples into the library. Additional microtube and microplate stores were introduced in 2009 and again in 2010, to cater for the growing demand of the facility.


In 2012, we underwent a massive transformation and expansion of our existing, overworked platform, thanks to TIA-EIF funding. A year later, we purchased an open access compound library with remaining funds. In 2014, with our growing national and international customer base, we changed our name from QLD Compound Library (QCL) to Compounds Australia.

In 2017, Compounds Australia introduced its 4th robotic platform to the facility; a Labcyte Access platform.  The additional platform complements and provides redundancy for assay-ready plate production utilising the Labcyte ECHO acoustic dispenser.

Our equipment

Our equipment includes:

  • five TTP Labtech comPOUND® stores with total capacity to hold 600,000 microtubes
  • two Hamilton ASM Platestores with total capacity to hold 4,200 microplates
  • multiple liquid handling platforms able to provide nanolitre (Labcyte Echo® 550) and microlitre (Agilent VPrep/Bravo) quantities of samples in multiple assay-ready formats
  • four dedicated robotic platforms with integration to centrifuge, sealer, de-sealer and barcode tracking.

Processing workflows

  • Microtube solubilisation and transfer into microplates
  • Microplate replication in 96, 384 and 1536 plate formats.
  • Plate to plate cherry-picking in single and multi-volume formats.
  • Generate dose response curves via source and intermediate concentrations and designing custom plate layouts specific to customer needs.
  • Access to specialised software that allows combination screening formats to compare a drug or other compound rapidly at a specific dose to look for synergistic or antagonistic effects.
  • Data tracking at all points of processing.

Connect and collaborate

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