Griffith University’s School of Medicine will give you a world class education across a range of disciplines

The School of Medicine has a very diverse student body, which benefits from the opportunity to study in excellent facilities. We offer programs and courses across a wide range of disciplines including medicine, paramedicine, public health, environmental health and health services management. At our school you will be exposed to world class teachers, and a friendly, supportive culture which embraces the principles of equity and diversity. From cutting edge research to the highest standards of the clinical practice, Griffith will give you a fantastic foundation to your remarkable career.

50 extra medical student places

The rise of Public Health

What is Public Health?

From disaster response to communicable disease management, pollution control to nutrition and hygiene, and school and workplace health, public health solutions reduce the pressure on our health systems and the impact on our environment


The School of Medicine strives to make a substantial contribution to medical knowledge that results in measurable improvements in the health of the community.

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Fostering an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.


Dr Samarra Toby is a Gangulu woman who has worked in Indigenous Health Policy and now as a General Practitioner working towards improving First Peoples health outcomes in Brisbane and in rural and remote Queensland, and in raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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