Highly research-active across a wide range of areas

The School of Medical Science is involved in ground breaking research across multiple fields from cancer to cardiovascular disease, infectious disease to skeletal biology.  Our school staff have been awarded numerous NHMRC and ARC research grants and consistently publish papers in high-ranking journals.

Our excellence in research attracts support from industry and we collaborate closely with local, national, and international partners, including institutions in the USA and Europe. The school has over 100 HDR students (Masters and PhDs) and supports a rich culture of research learning and professional development that enables our students to be highly successful in gaining employment both nationally and overseas.

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Health clinics

The School of Medical Science has research clinics such as the Aussie Gut project, which is looking at the role of our gut bacteria in health and disease. The bacteria in our gut are known to outnumber human cells in the body and play important roles in digestion, nutrient production and immune modulation. New evidence suggests your gut bacteria may influence your body mass, metabolism, allergies and respiratory infections.

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School research areas Academic Lead
Biochemistry PountneyPerkins
Cancer McMIllanNeuzilRalphWeiIrving-RodgersDong
Chemistry PearsonGriceWilson
Chronic Disease Marshall-Gradisnik
Genetics LewohlColsonMunnMorrison
Gene Therapy/Functional Genomics WeiMcMIllanMarshall-Gradisnik
Heart Disease HeadrickPeartBulmerRose'Meyer, Singh
Immunology KorolikMcMIllanRalphUlettMarshall-GradisnikNaug
Microbiology/Infection Control PeakWeiUlettMunn
Musculoskeletal Disease ForwoodMorrisonCassady
Neurobiology/Development LewohlNirthananPountney
Reproductive Biology PerkinsIrving-RodgersMassa
Structural Biology Wilson
Virology MunnMcMIllanWei

Body Bequest

The Body Donation Program provides practical opportunities to study and perform research on the human body in a controlled educational environment. Donors make a vital contribution to the training of the next generation of scientists, and medical and allied health professionals.


You can make a financial donation via the telephone, mail or online.Your financial support will contribute to ensuring that the School of Medical Science at Griffith University will continue to make that all important difference in the education of our students and researchers.

Please be assured that all donations are eligible for tax deductions. The Development and Alumni Office at Griffith University is responsible for handling all financial donations.


Committed to developing healthy communities through exceptional health and medical research. A key focus is the translatable potential of our research, that is, how likely is it to drive improved outcomes in human health and wellbeing.

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