Our graduates work for the wellbeing of the community

The School has extensive ties to our local, national and international community and produces graduates that are industry connected. We believe in studying society and social arrangements to assist with the development of human behaviour.

The School is actively involved in research across many disciplines and our alumni network ensures that our students, both past and present, stay connected and up to date.


The School's alumni form a network of successful professionals in the health industry, whose careers have taken them from the Gold Coast to locations around the world. In 2017 we celebrated our graduates from the School of Human Services and Social Work and we continue to connect our alumni through a networking of ground-breaking researchers and industry employed graduates.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme Symposia Series

In partnership with the Community Resource Unit and Queenslanders with Disability Network, Griffith University has hosted a symposia series to provide updated information, share ideas, knowledge and experience in the lead up to the application of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Queensland.

Each event was an opportunity to hear from and network with people with a disability, families, service providers, government and researchers in the sector.


The schools current research is cutting edge, relevant and exciting. We're studying the past and the present to achieve a better future.

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