The Enhance Project

The ENHANCE project is aimed at researching evidence based treatment for the primary headaches of migraine and tension-type headache.

The Head of the Project, Professor Paul R Martin, has been involved in headache research since the mid 1970s. The current project aims to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of recurrent headaches/migraines following treatment addressing the unique factors associated with each individual’s headaches.

Our research

The research is based on a functional model of headaches first published in a book by Paul Martin in 1993. This model seeks to explain the variance in headaches, by asking questions such as:

  • Why does a headache occur at one time rather than another?
  • Why are headaches occurring at this time in a person's life rather than at other times?
  • Why did the headaches begin when they did?
  • Why is this person vulnerable to suffering from headaches?

Topics of particular interest to the project include the management of triggers of headache and migraine, the relationship between stress, and the moderating variables of stress (coping and social support), and headaches.

The ENHANCE project also aims to utilize technology to develop online tools which assist participants to complete assessment requirements in a timely and user friendly fashion. The project has developed online headache diaries, phone applications which link the participant to the diary and electronic versions of the assessment items.

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