Sometimes, challenges are thrown your way

Griffith University provides a number of personal support services for current students, relating to wellness, health, counselling, disabilities, equity and financial aid. There are also a number of initiatives in place to assist students with complaints, grievances and appeals or other administrative queries. Explore the services on offer below via the Student Support page..


All Griffith University students can access free, professional and confidential counselling services. You have the option of seeing a counsellor in person or if you’d prefer, you can participate in a live-text chat session with a counsellor (without making an appointment). If you are an off-campus student, you can organise an online video appointment with a counsellor. If you need specialised support in relation to experiences of personal violence or intimidation, you can also book an appointment with a personal violence counsellor. These appointments can be held in person, via phone or online.

Also available are some great helpful resources such as guided audio exercises on mindfulness, focusing and relaxation, in addition to links to some excellent self-help websites - BluepagesMoodGYME-CouchmyCompassMental Health Online and ReachOut. You can also access a range of workshops and training, such as Mental Health First Aid and Success and Wellbeing workshops.

A comprehensive list of crisis contact information and hotlines are also available.

To make an appointment with a counsellor, simply call or drop into the Counselling and Wellbeing office at your campus or book an appointment online.

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A wide range of medical and supplementary services are available for students and staff at both the Gold Coast and Nathan campus health clinics, including access to GPs, emergency first aid, psychiatric services, pathology, immunisations, sexual health checks and access to Breathe Easy, Griffith’s free program to help you quit smoking for good. Bulk billing for is available to domestic students with a Medicare card. International students will need to take their medical insurance membership card (arrangements for billing to medical fund will be discussed on the day).

To make an appointment, simply call the Health and Medical Services office at Gold Coast or Nathan campus (see below) or book an appointment online.

Phone Enquiries Gold Coast:(07) 5552 8737 | Nathan:(07) 3735 7299

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Here you can find contact details for the Griffith Crisis Support Service, which offers phone and text support, in addition to emergency hotlines and support services to assist with suicide response and prevention, sexual harassment and assault, and other mental health crisis issues.

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Access a variety of assistive and learning support to help you succeed in your studies. Specifically, you can book an appointment with a Senior Disability Advisor for assistance with arranging alternative exam conditions, transcriptions of print/audio-visual materials, access to assistive technologies and peer notetaking services and access to our award winning Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing support program and Auslan interpreting services. To qualify for these services, you will need to provide the necessary documentation.

To make an appointment with a Senior Disability Advisor, simply call or drop into the Student Disability and Accessibility office at your campus or book an appointment online

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Assistance is available for international students requiring advice and support on issues which may affect all aspects of student life in Australia (e.g. understanding what is expected of you as a student visa holder, general welfare and personal issues, finance/fees, applying for a leave of absence, financial difficulties and referral to health services).
To see an International Student Advisor, book an appointment online or come along to one of the drop-in sessions held at Nathan and Gold Coast campuses.

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Griffith University offers a wide range of transition and support services and resources for students who may need additional help to settle into and succeed at University. These programs help students settle into university life and promote an inclusive learning environment. Specific services are available to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studentsstudents with disabilities, LGBTIQ inclusion students from refugee backgroundsadult learnersPacific Islander and Maori students and students who are first in family to study at university.

To make an appointment to talk about your needs, simply call or drop into the Student Equity Outreach office at your campus or book an appointment online.

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The GUMURRII Student Success Unit (SSU) is the heart of Griffith’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and is located on each of Griffith’s physical campuses. GUMURRII provides dedicated, high quality support to aid students from point of recruitment and orientation all the way through to graduation, offering a safe and culturally appropriate environment to enhance and maximise the student experience. The GUMURRII SSU also facilitates the Indigenous Tutorial Scheme (ITAS) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Griffith University. Upon application and acceptance into the program, eligible students are matched with a tutor to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their courses. To learn more about the GUMURRII SSU please visit the GUMURRII student support office at your campus.

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Find all the information you need on applying for a leave of absence (if you have commenced your studies but need to take a break), getting back on course (if you are struggling to maintain a balance between your study and life and are finding it difficult to stay on top of it all) in addition to information regarding withdrawing from your program.

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We can assist you with appeals andgrievances regarding decisions around assessment, enrolment, exclusion, or with concerns about harassment or discrimination. Specifically, we can assist by giving information about appeal or grievance options, providing information about relevant policies or processes, reviewing appeal or grievance documents before submission, helping students prepare for meetings and referring students to the Student Representative Council (SRC) or to Griffith’s Office of Student Ombudsman.

For more information or to make an appointment , please visit Student Complaints.

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Justices of the Peace (JPs) are available at the following campuses from February to November on the days and times listed below:

  • Mt Gravatt campus: Tuesday from 11am – 1pm (Arts and Music Building, M09_2.127)
  • Gold Coast campus: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11am – 1pm (The Student Guild G07)


It can be particularly challenging to balance the needs of caring for someone who is dependent on you with the requirements of being a university student. The Student Financial Support Office supports student carers, offering access to a Carer Support Network in addition to individual support. For more information please visit Student Financial Support.

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Griffith University has experienced chaplains at every campus to provide pastoral care and a safe place for students of any faith or worldview to seek information and support. In addition to seeing one of our chaplains, you can also find out information about our campus prayer rooms, the Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue at the Nathan campus and religious communities that are active in Queensland.

To make an appointment with a chaplain, simply call or drop into the Pastoral Care office at your campus or book an appointment online.

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Griffith University offers mechanisms of support to defend the interests and welfare of students and promote a culture of access, equity, diversity and acceptance. If you require advice and assistance in relation to lodging complaints, grievances and appeals or believe you are experiencing harassment or discrimination, please access the relevant support service at your campus. For students enrolled at the Gold Coast campus, contact the Student Guild. For students enrolled at Logan, Nathan, Mt. Gravatt, South Bank, please contact the Student Representative Council.

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The Student Guild at Griffith University Gold Coast campus offers a comprehensive range of services and support for students while they study. In addition to offering a wide range of academicpersonalfinancial and legal and wellbeing support, students at the Gold Coast campus can also get assistance with job seeking and finding accommodation. The Guild also run the Uni Fitness gym, support a large number of clubs and sports, and host a large number of events and activities. Visit the Student Guild website to discover all of the great services and support available for students enrolled at the Gold Coast campus. Alternatively, you can drop into the Guild office, telephone or email for additional information.

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