In today’s competitive job market, it is crucial to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

Here you can access information and resources to help you broaden your experience and skills and enhance your degree, develop your professional profile, and get career ready. You can also book an appointment with a careers advisor and get help seeking employment while you study as well as advice and support to help you take the next step in your career upon graduation.


Here you will find information and resources in relation to finding an Industry Mentor, developing your professional profile, creating your e-portfolio and enhancing your degree through a global learning experience. You can also take the ‘employability quiz’ to see how employable you are and read about some of our Griffith success stories.

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Here you can access a range of excellent resources to assist with your career planning (e.g. self-awareness, opportunities, aspirations, results and action planning), applying for a job (e.g. preparing your resume, writing a cover letter and addressing selection criteria), finding a job (casual/part time work while you study and employment once you graduate) and improving your employability with skills and experiences employers are looking for within the future world of work. You can also book a one-on-one appointment with a Career Development Consultant where we can help you to understand your career options, market yourself to employers, transition to graduate employment and find suitable employment while you are studying.

General Phone Enquiries Gold Coast: (07) 5552 8734 | Nathan: (07) 3735 7470

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Here you can get information on resources, events and opportunities that can broaden your experiences and skills beyond the classroom and help you ‘stand out’ in the competitive job market. You can also register for leadership enrichment and development (LEAD) workshops designed to motivate and educate you as student leaders and future professionals.

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Learn more about how you can challenge yourself, develop international networks, expand your resume, learn about other cultures and grow more self-confident and independent by taking your degree global. You can also hear from students who have studied abroad and find out more about the grants, scholarships and loans available to fund your overseas study.

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Find out more about initiatives offered by Griffith University to improve employment outcomes for students with disabilities, such as USEP - University Specialist Employment Partnership, a program aimed at meeting the needs of graduating students with disabilities who are seeking employment, and Griffith’s partnership with EPIC Assist, a not-for-profit organisation providing personalised service to assist people with a disability achieve their goals.

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Here you can learn more about our six graduate attributes, the influential characteristics that Griffith University seeks to develop in all of its graduates.

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As a future professional, you will be required to consider ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues throughout your professional career. As you progress through your degree, you will come across these three areas as either explicit or implicit elements in your study program. This Learning@Griffith module provides you with an introduction to these three areas and will help you develop your reflective practice and critical thinking skills and understand the importance of values and how they influence our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

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Here you can access the Big Interview virtual interview training that offers challenging, mock interviews for all experience levels across a range of industries. You can also access a database filled with thousands of questions and tips on how to answer them as well as a comprehensive video training module covering all of the crucial aspects of landing the job of your dreams.

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Here you will find information on Griffith University's career mentoring program that matches you with an experienced professional from industry, enabling you to have first hand insight into your chosen profession. Engaging in this program will help you seek information and guidance about your career direction and goals while benefiting from the skills and experience of industry mentors as you prepare for your future career. To find out more information on eligibility criteria, the required time commitments and how to register your interest in the program, click on the link below.

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