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Below are links to the services, resources and support on offer to help meet the cultural support needs of our students. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can access the GUMURRII Student Success Unit or the First Peoples Health Unit for assistance, while students coming to us from overseas can connect with a variety of other services designed specifically to meet a range of rich and diverse cultural needs.


The GUMURRII Student Success Unit (SSU) is the heart of Griffith’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and is located on each of Griffith’s campuses. GUMURRII provides dedicated, high quality support to aid students from point of recruitment and orientation all the way through to graduation, offering a safe and culturally appropriate environment to enhance and maximise the student experience. The GUMURRII SSU also facilitates the Indigenous Tutorial Scheme (ITAS) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Griffith University. Upon application and acceptance into the program, eligible students are matched with a tutor to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their courses.  To learn more about the GUMURRII SSU visit the GUMURRII page for more information.

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Assistance is available for international students requiring advice and support on issues which may affect all aspects of student life in Australia (e.g. understanding what is expected of you as a student visa holder, general welfare and personal issues, finance/fees, applying for a leave of absence, financial difficulties and referral to health services).
To see an International Student Advisor, book an appointment online or come along to one of the drop-in sessions held at Nathan and Gold Coast campuses.

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Griffith Pasifika Association is a cultural club that is committed to promoting and enhancing the university experience of Pacific Island students. The club helps students to find balance in all aspects of their lives and focuses on developing networks and relationships that promote and support Pacific Island students here at Griffith.

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Griffith University provides engagement and support programs to help students from refugee backgrounds transition to University and settle into study.  The Griffith University Refugee Student Association GURSA provides both academic and social support and hosts organised events and activities both at Griffith and within the wider community.

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Griffith Mates is a diverse peer-support network for all students.  The team of current Australian and international students help to welcome thousands of new students to Griffith each year and can help you to adjust to University life, make new friends and get involved in community activities.

Griffith Mates regularly host on-campus activities and events and also offer volunteering opportunities which are a great way to make friends, build new skills and give back to the local community.  If you are interested in becoming a Griffith Mate, you can learn about the benefits of joining and find out how you can apply.

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The First Peoples Health Unit (FPHU) are committed to student success and the development and growth of a highly skilled, highly educated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce. Click Here to find out more information about how the FPHU supports First Peoples recruitment, retention and success at university, including information about accessing scholarships, internships within the FPHU and placements with our First Peoples Health partners.

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EnglishHELP is a free English Language learning service for international students who have English as a second language. Students can book EnglishHELP consultations to provide one-on-one support to help develop and support academic English language skills. EnglishHELP workshops are also offered to assist with scientific writing, academic grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation and language skills for HDS students. In addition to consultations and workshops, EnglishHELP also provide a comprehensive range of HELP Yourself resources to assist with essential grammar and academic skills. It is important to note that these HELP Yourself resources are accessible to all students.

To learn more about EnglishHELP services, visit the website or call or email using the contact details here.

Telephone Enquiries : (07) 3735 3735 (daily 8am – 11am)

Email Enquiries :

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