Getting the right advice and assistance can help you maximise your chances of academic success.

Below are links to the services, resources and support on offer to help with all of your academic assistance needs. You can book a consultation with a library specialist, access your one-stop-shop Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide, access online tutoring and assignment feedback via Smarthinking, in addition to connecting with self-help resources to assist with essential grammar and core academic skills. You will also find links to all of the other services available to provide academic advice and support.


Students are able to request a consultation with a library specialist. Learning Advisers provide advice on academic writing style and structure, exam preparation and time management. Please note, Learning Advisers do not provide a proof reading service. Librarians provide advice and guidance on undertaking library research and referencing for your assignments.

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All Griffith Health students are provided with access to the Griffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide. This one-stop-shop provides advice, instruction, annotated exemplars and e-tutorials on essay writing, research report writing, using evidence, proof-reading and editing, and academic integrity. It also provides you with all of the information, tools and advice you will need (including downloadable exemplars and e-tutorials) to format your assignments according to APA 6th Edition guidelines (the standard referencing format used across all Griffith Health courses). The site also provides you with the Assignment Presentation Formatting Guidelines that all undergraduate Griffith Health students must follow when formatting essays and research reports.

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Smarthinking is a 24/7 online tutoring service available to all Griffith University students seeking advice on improving their writing skills. You can submit essay drafts to the Smarthinking writing centre for feedback on issues such as topic development, structure, grammar and mechanics and sentence structure. You can also submit questions and book online appointments with tutors, who work with students to address specific topics including pre-writing techniques, research strategies, documentation, and grammar and writing mechanics.

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The library website has some great resources to help you get ‘Study Smart’, including information modules to assist you with developing effective social media skills, preparing for assignments writing assignmentsreferencing and preparing for exams. This site also provides you with free online training via the Microsoft Virtual Academy to improve your digital skills.

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Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a free program offering structured and fun peer-group learning sessions for commencing year courses which students often find challenging. Weekly, one-hour study sessions begin in Week 2 and run throughout the trimester. The sessions are facilitated by students who have previously achieved excellent results in the course and have undertaken the nationally accredited training. See the website for more information on the courses that the Health Group will be offering PASS in for the coming trimester.

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If you are a current Griffith undergraduate student and interested in switching to another program of study, find out about the procedures, eligibility requirements and how to apply for an internal transfer.

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The GUMURRII Student Support Unit (SSU) is the heart of Griffith’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and is located on each of Griffith’s physical campuses. GUMURRII provides dedicated, high quality support to aid students from point of recruitment and orientation all the way through to graduation, offering a safe and culturally appropriate environment to enhance and maximise the student experience. The GUMURRII SSU also facilitates the Indigenous Tutorial Scheme (ITAS) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Griffith University. Upon application and acceptance into the program, eligible students are matched with a tutor to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their courses. To learn more about the GUMURRII SSU, phoneemail or visit the GUMURRII student support office at your campus.

Telephone Enquiries : (07) 3735 7676 

Email Enquiries :  

Visit GUMURRII : Campus Locations

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EnglishHELP is a free English Language learning service for international students who have English as a second language. Students can book EnglishHELP consultations to provide one-on-one support to help develop and support academic English language skills. EnglishHELP workshops are also offered to assist with scientific writing, academic grammar and vocabulary, pronunciation and language skills for HDS students. In addition to consultations and workshops, EnglishHELP also provide a comprehensive range of HELP Yourself resources to assist with essential grammar and academic skills. It is important to note that these HELP Yourself resources are accessible to all students.

To learn more about EnglishHELP services, visit the website or call or email using the contact details here.

Telephone Enquiries : (07) 3735 3735 (daily 8am – 11am)

Email Enquiries :

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Via the EnglishHELP website, a comprehensive range of online HELP Yourself Resources are available for all Griffith University students to provide guidance and instruction in relation to essential grammar (e.g. punctuation and spelling, vocabulary, articles, prepositions, tenses, voice) and academic skills (e.g. academic vocabulary, paragraphing, paraphrasing, academic reading, the writing process). These resources include instructional videos in addition to useful downloads and links to other educational tools.

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The Student Guild at Griffith University Gold Coast campus offers a comprehensive range of services and support for students while they study. In addition to offering a wide range of academicpersonalfinancial and legal and wellbeing support, students at the Gold Coast campus can also get assistance with job seeking and finding accommodation. The Guild also run the Uni Fitness gym, support a large number of clubsand sports and host a large number of events and activities. Visit the Student Guild website to discover all of the great services and support available for students enrolled at the Gold Coast campus. Alternatively, you can drop into the Guild office, telephone or email for additional information.

Location : The Link, Building G07, Gold Coast campus

Phone Enquiries : (07) 5552 8724

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Academic integrity means acting in an honest, trustworthy, responsible and fair manner in all aspects of your university work. Access the Academic Integrity website for great information and resources to help increase your awareness of what academic integrity involves and how important it is to all aspects of your work. You can also enrol in the Academic Integrity Student Tutorial via Learning@Griffith to get more information and advice in relation to academic integrity.

Academic Integrity Student Tutorial

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If you are an elite athlete, Griffith Sports College can play a vital role in supporting you through your studies here at Griffith. By helping students devote time to training, student athletes can successfully balance the demands of elite sport with the requirements of university life. Benefits of the Griffith Sports College program include personalised degree advice and course planning, exam and assessment flexibility and access to on campus sports facilities and physiotherapy services.


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Griffith University offers access to a wide range of software to aid your study, including Office 365 University (free for all Griffith University students) to discounted software such as Norton Security products. Access the website for more information and download instructions.

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Here you will find assistance and resources to help with any technical support you may need while you study. Connect with free computer training via Microsoft online and learn more about the free and discounted software available to all Griffith University students. In addition to this, get guidance on using Learning@Griffith. You can also get easy access to the IT Service Centre (for advice on any IT requests and issues that may arise) and learn more about the minimum IT requirements for studying online (an invaluable resource for students studying 100% online).


Here you will find the locations and opening hours of all of the computer labs at each Griffith University campus.

Available computers on campus


Find out about submitting assignmentsexam procedures and protocols and information on accessing and understanding your grades. You can also find procedures and policies and online forms to apply fordeferred exam sittingsdeferred assessment and special consideration.

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The Griffith Digital Campus offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through a virtual community that allows you to study, learn, and connect when it suits you, anywhere, anytime.

Thrive Online provides you with valuable resources and advice on how to navigate our Digital Campus and enrich your online learning experience.

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