Establishing the Health Group as a leader in health professional learning and teaching and clinical education

The strategic intention of Health IDEAS is to significantly increase the Health Group’s capacity to deliver quality learning and teaching outcomes.

Health IDEAS will enable the Group to focus its change strategy, draw on consolidated resources and expertise to establish sustainable mechanisms for learning and teaching enhancement and provide a visible point of reference for staff.


The objectives of Health IDEAS include:

  • Facilitate the implementation of the learning and teaching strategies outlined in the University’s Strategic and Academic Plans, as well as the Group’s Operational and Learning and Teaching Plans, including promoting strategies that will improve retention, progression and career outcomes
  • Enhance the quality of curriculum, teaching and assessment in relation to professional learning, clinical education and other areas within the Health Group
  • Contribute to the development of inter-disciplinary programs of study in health that meet the needs of a growing and changing health workforce
  • Focus and strengthen health-related learning and teaching research and scholarship.
  • Increase external funding for innovative health education related projects
  • Strengthen engagement and develop partnerships with the wider professional and health community
  • Support the career development and advancement of Health Group staff in learning and teaching

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Professor Nick Buys

Professor Nicholas Buys is the Dean, Learning & Teaching in the Health Faculty at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Formerly, he was Head, School of Human Services and Director of the Research Centre for Human Services at Griffith. The work of the Centre included research into community-base

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