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Throughout your candidature, there are a number of administrative milestones you will need to complete.

These milestones act by way of monitoring candidate progress and prompt discussion between candidate, supervisors & HDR Convenors.

Health Group Candidate Financial Support

Griffith Health has developed the following financial support guidelines and processes as an aid to support your research project. Candidates are allocated a research allowance by the Group which supports the Board of Graduate Research financial support recommendations.

On commencement of the program, candidates are asked to:
  • read the HDR candidate financial support guidelines
  • complete the application form and a proposed budget
  • submit to health-dean-research@griffith.edu.au for consideration

Early Candidature Milestone (ECM)

The purpose of this milestone is to ensure that the candidate is on track toward successfully presenting their confirmation seminar on time. The milestone will:

  • identify the research question
  • assess if the candidate has a viable research project and is appropriate for the degree in which the candidate is enrolled
  • identify if any further education and training is required to ensure timely completion
  • identify any resources needed by the candidate to undertake the research
  • assist the candidate to plan early for risk assessment approach to the management of health and safety as well as ethical implications of research they intend to undertake.

Before the milestone is due, HDR candidates are asked to:

  • download and electronically complete the outcomes report
  • prepare the 5 page research report
  • complete the required Health and Safety modules
  • make arrangements for a joint meeting with their principal supervisor(s) to discuss their progress and
  • upload their ECM & supporting documentation to myGriffith for processing and approval process.


The Health Group's format for this milestone will involve submitting a 5 page Research Plan proposal outlining:

  • aims – identify the research problem and research questions
  • literature review outlining background and significance
  • research study/design plan – and any plans for data collection and analysis
  • resources and health and safety
  • overview  of  ethics  requirements sufficient to demonstrate insight into the process

Griffith Graduate Research SChool

To find out the documents that you require visit your MyGriffith page and check the Griffith Graduate Research School

Thesis and Candidature Review Milestone (TCRM)

The purpose of this milestone is to provide a formative review of the candidate's work completed towards thesis. The candidate must present a research seminar together with a brief written submission. The milestone will:

  • review the candidates thesis plan,  progress and timeline for completion
  • review the candidates publication plan
  • provide the candidate with the opportunity to present their research findings and explain the significance and originality of their work
  • identify and resolve any difficulties that have cause or a likely to cause an impediment to completion.

Health Group HDR Candidates are required to follow and complete the following requirements in addition to the GGRS Thesis and Candidature Review Milestone website.

Further information regarding seminar requirements can be found at the GGRS website: Thesis and Candidature Review Milestone

Annual Progress Report

Candidates are required to complete a report on progress each year, due on the anniversary of the candidate's date of commencement.  In years where a milestone is completed, completion of a progress report is note required.


Candidates should note the following publication requirements as part of their research degrees:

  • The output must be produced under supervision and during the period of candidature.
  • The output must be published or accepted for publication during the period of candidature and would normally include the Griffith University &/or Menzies Health Institute Queensland by-line.
  • Where there are co-authors, the candidate should be a principal author.
  • The published output must be peer reviewed and may be a journal article, conference publication, book or book chapter.
  • It is expected that the output be a Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) or Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) eligible publication.

HDR candidates should endeavour to publish their research in high quality publications. Candidates should consult their supervisor for advice on suitable publications specific to their research discipline particularly where publication costs are requested. In addition, the library provides support and advice to HDR candidates on choosing a journal.

Candidates are advised to note, in particular, to avoid ‘predatory’ open access publishers. Publications considered predatory will not count towards their publication requirement.

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