Health development partnership

In 2008, Griffith University entered into a partnership agreement with Queensland Health (Gold Coast Health Service District) and Education Queensland to develop initiatives within designated high schools to promote health related studies and pathways to Griffith Health undergraduate programs to senior students.

What we provide

Integration of health courses within schools and the extension of health education initiatives to the schools and the community

To provide a safe and supportive learning environment

Enhance the learning experiences and outcomes of students

Collaborate with schools, parents and the community

Alleviate social and economic disadvantages in access to and successful completion of school education

Promote health and well-being of students and the community

Design and deliver a professional development programme for secondary school teachers, delivered by Griffith academics and health industry clinicians

To build knowledge and skills among teachers around new developments in health, health education, and Griffith’s health activities

Senior programs

Go Health Go Griffith offers four university courses available to Year 11 and 12 students. Griffith Health, Biology, Exercise Science and Psychology GUESTS At-School courses engage Senior secondary students in lectures, workshops, laboratories and conference events. Students who pass the course will be eligible to receive a credit transfer.

Junior programs

The Go Health year 10 experience is offered to students from all schools. The suite of activities and workshops are delivered over two days and enable students to participate in health related scientific experiments, clinical exercises and physiological observations related to the heath degrees offered at University. Hands on activities in areas of dentistry, pharmacy, paramedicine and medical sciences, nursing, psychology and exercise science are all included. This successful program is an introduction to the health and medical sciences fields.

Go Health For Adults

We know that it's never too late to start studying and with Go Health For Adults you have the opportunity to complete micro-credentials with the Health Group. These can be used to further develop your skills in a particular area, or for recognition for the purpose of admission.

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Community Engagement

Go Health Go Griffith has multiple forms of community engagement and outreach, including our Health Education Ambulance and community outreach program that is supported by the Gold Coast City Council. These are designed for education and interactive lessons on health, pharmacology, safety, first aid and events in health promotion, health awareness, health education and support community programs.

Final Year Projects and Conference

Students from schools all over South-East Queensland gather annually to showcase their work at the Go Health Go Griffith Student Health Conference.

Held at the Gold Coast campus, the event is a chance for over 150 Year 12 students to discuss their health projects and exchange ideas regarding higher education at Griffith. The event is also a chance to hear from Griffith researchers and professors.

Contact us

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