Fit for Professional Practice Checklist

The following fit for professional practice requirements must be submitted by the due date in Trimester 1.

Vaccination & Health Tests

All Vaccination Records must have your Name and Date of Birth so that the records can be identified

Hepatitis B Vaccines

Evidence of completed age appropriate course of Hepatitis B vaccines (accelerated course not accepted)

As the Hepatitis B vaccine schedule can take up to 7 months to complete, as long as you have completed the first 2 doses of your schedule you will be partial compliant for placement.  Your Hepatitis B vaccine schedule must, however, be completed by the end of your first year.


Hepatitis B Serology

  • Copy of positive serology (HBsAb levels equal to or greater than 10mlU/ml)

Varicella Immunity

  • Copy of positive serology OR
  • Evidence of 2 doses of vaccine (or one dose if under the age of 14 years).

Varicella fact sheet

Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

  • Evidence of vaccine (Adacel or Boostrix only) – within the past 10 years
  • Serology not accepted.

dTpa fact sheet

Measles, Mumps and Rubella

  • Copy of positive serology for measles, mumps and rubella (low positive, equivocal or negative serology not accepted) OR
  • Evidence of 2 doses of vaccine
  • Not required if born before 1966.

MMR fact sheet

Influenza Vaccine

This vaccine was introduced for all health students in early 2020.

Best time to have your vaccine is from mid April each year.  Peak Flu season is from mid August.

This vaccine is required annually.

  • Evidence of date vaccine given


Please print and complete the Queensland Health TB Assessment Form to identify if you are an at risk student.  This form only needs to be completed by yourself as this is a self assessment.

An at risk student requiring a Mantoux Test is someone who was born in a high risk country and/or spent 3 months or more in the last 5 years in a high risk country/ies.

QHealth Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Form for Students

If you are identified as an at risk student you must have a Mantoux Skin Test at a TB Control Centre or an Interferon Gamma Release Immunoassay (IGRA)/QuantiFERON®-TB Gold blood test at a Private Pathologist. The Mantoux Skin Test at the TB Control Centre is free and the blood test with a Private Pathologist will cost up to $70.

Contact Metro South Clinical TB Service at Princess Alexandra Hospital on email  Please ensure the following information is in your email: Name, date of birth, degree your studying and that you will be attending placement during your degree.

Appointments for a Mantoux Test with the TB Control Centre may take a few months to be scheduled, this does not affect you commencing placement while you await your appointment, however your Mantoux Test must be completed by the end of your first year.

Exposure Prone Procedure Declaration

  • Form to be completed and signed by a Medical Practitioner/Registered Nurse and student (HIV and HCV test date completed and signed by a Medical Practitioner/Registered Nurse).  By signing this form you agree to undergo serological testing for HIV and HCV every three years.  Serological testing must be current.

Exposure Prone Procedure Declaration form

Exposure Prone Procedure Declaration fact sheet

Licenses & Certificates

Australian National Police Check Certificate

National Police Check certificates issued from January 2019 are valid for 5 years.  Any certificates issued prior to January 2019 will only be valid for 3 years.  Applications can take up to 4 weeks to process.

Only certificates from the Australian Federal Police will be accepted.

NB:  Police Checks from an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited organisation are not accepted.

All Australian National Police Checks must be applied for through the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Only a copy of a Hard Copy certificate will be accepted, as you will be required to carry the hard copy certificate with you on placement.  All digital copy certificates are not acceptable.

National Police Check fact sheet

Sample Certificate

International Criminal History Check

Only applies to students who have lived in a country other than Australia after the age of 16. They must also submit:

  • A National Police Check certificate from that country


  • Statutory Declaration stating that you have never, in Australia or another country, been convicted of murder or sexual assault, or convicted of, and sentenced to imprisonment for, any other form of assault.

If you have a criminal history

Where you declare that you have a criminal history further investigations are made and assessed according to the National Board's Criminal History Registration Standards or Membership Board Standards.

Queensland Blue Card

Queensland Blue Cards are valid for 3 years.

If you have been convicted of a disqualifying offence or a serious offence, or have been issued a negative notice you must not apply for a Blue Card.

Before applying for your Blue Card, please read the information on the Blue Card Services website 'Who cannot apply for or hold a Blue Card?'

All applications are now processed online through the Blue Card Services Portal.  You will need to register an account with Blue Card Services.  Your Identification will be verified through Queensland Department of Transport (TMR) using your Customer Reference Number (CRN).  If you don't have a CRN with TMR you will need to attend a TMR centre to obtain your CRN and have your photo taken, this is a free service.  Once you have registered with Blue Card Services you will be provided an Account Number.  This Account Number, your Date of Birth, your Student Number and Degree you are studying needs to be emailed to to be linked to Griffith Health. 

All International students will need to wait until they have arrived in Queensland, Australia as you will need to visit the TMR to organise your CRN before registering with Blue Card Services.

If you already have a Blue Card issued by another organisation, you can visit the Fit for Professional Practice Office at the Gold Coast or Nathan Campus with your Blue Card and Student ID or you can email a copy of your Blue Card and Student ID, date of birth and degree you are studying to and we can link your card to Griffith University Health Group.

If your card has been lost or stolen, you MUST apply for a replacement card by submitting a Replacement Blue/Exemption Card Form.

Students who are registered as a health practitioner and are furthering their studies in the same discipline ie: registered as an Enrolled Nurse and completing Bachelor of Nursing or Midwifery, are exempt from applying for a Blue Card.  You will need to submit a copy of your AHPRA Registration and your Blue Card expiry date will be in line with your Registration expiry date.

Griffith University Health Group Organisation ID:  1029679

Blue Card fact sheet

Online Applicant Information

Sample Blue Card

First Aid and CPR Certificates

Please note:

  • First Aid certificates are current for 3 years. CPR certificates are current for 12 months only.
  • Complete an Australian Nationally Accredited 'Provide First Aid' unit (formerly known as Perform First Aid or Senior First Aid) - This unit includes the component 'Provide CPR (formerly known as Perform CPR ).
  • First Aid and CPR certificates from Queensland Health facilities are not accepted as Queensland Health is not an accredited training provider.
  • First Aid and CPR certificates from an online course are not accepted.  You must attend the training course in person.
  • International First Aid/CPR training certificates are not accepted as the training varies between countries.
  • If you are a registered Health Practitioner (eg RN, Medical Officer, etc) you ARE NOT EXEMPT from submitting current First Aid and CPR Certificates.

It is the student's responsibility to meet the costs of an accredited First Aid/ CPR course. Nationally-accredited providers offer First Aid/ CPR training and assessment to standards established by the Industry Skills Council and Australian Department of Education, Science and Training and some of these include:

First aid and CPR fact sheet

Online Training

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Health and Safety Module Online Training

  1. Log in to Learning@Griffith
  2. Select the Organisations tab at the top of the screen
  3. Type in the Organisation search box "WIL Placement"
  4. Click "GO"
  5. Hover over EPS_WORK_PLACEMENT an options menu arrow will appear
  6. Click the arrow
  7. Click "enrol"
  8. Complete enrolment by clicking "Submit" and "OK"
  9. Review the induction module material and complete the Safety Quiz as per the instructions

You need to correctly answer a minimum of 7 questions out of 10 to achieve a pass. Print certificates as proof of having successfully completed this training.

If you have previously completed this module you do not have to do it again.

For assistance please contact:

Sample Certificate

Australia's First Peoples Cultural Awareness for Health (Yuwahn Wupin)

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Scroll down the page complete the pre-learning survey, read the information and play the videos on the Welcome page.
  3. Click on Get Started to Begin your Journey.
  4. Work your way through each of the 5 Modules.  Take the Quiz after each module.
  5. You will need to Login or Register with your Griffith University account ie: Griffith student email address.
  6. Once you have completed all 5 modules including the quiz questions you will earn your Yuwahn Wupin digital badge.
  7. You will not receive a certificate of completion.  Your Check in Sonia will be updated by the Fit for Professional Practice Team.

Should you have any issues please email

Walking in Rainbow Shoes: LGBTI Inclusion Training Module

Access the module:

  1. Go to Learning@Griffith
  2. Click on the Organisations tab and Browse Organisation Catalogue
  3. Search LGBTI
  4. Organisation ID LGBTI_AWARE will appear
  5. Click the down arrow next to LGBTI Aware
  6. Click Enrol

Take a screenshot on "My Marks" page as proof of having successfully completed this training including your name (top right corner), date completed and your score.

If you have previously completed this module you do not have to do it again.

For assistance please contact:

Hand Hygiene Online Learning Module

Hand Hygiene Medical Online Learning Module

All students need to complete the registration process to access the National Hand Hygiene Initiative.  Please ensure that you complete the Medical Online Learning Module.

By registering you will be given a login so that you can return and access your certificate, or complete further modules anytime. You will also be able to start an e-Learning module, save your progress, then return and finish at another time.

HHC recommend annual completion of general learning modules, and have annual reminders built into the learning system to ensure you stay current.

Sample Certificate

Principles of Infection Prevention and Control module

The Principles of Infection Prevention and Control module is one of several strategies undertaken by the Commission to assist health care workers to understand the importance of infection prevention and control and their individual contribution to preventing the spread of infection. The Commission was established by the Australian, State and Territory Governments to develop a national strategic framework and associated work program that guide its efforts in improving safety and quality across the health care system in Australia.

Sample Certificate

COVID-19 Online Training

This training is for care workers across all health care settings.

  • Scroll down the page and click on Register now
  • Once you have registered scroll down to Infection Control Training - COVID 19 and click on Enrol in Course
  • Upload certificate of completion in Sonia

COVID-19 Online Training


Griffith University Student Undertaking

All Griffith Health students who undertake placement must complete the Griffith University Student Undertaking before commencing their first placement. This Undertaking will govern your behaviour and activities whilst you are on placement.

The Undertaking will continue for the duration of your degree program. You may withdraw the consent that you have provided through the Undertaking at any time by providing written notice to the University. A withdrawal of consent will affect your ability to continue with your required placements.

The Undertaking is located on SONIA Online under the Forms tab.  Please see Fact Sheet for directions on how to complete the Undertaking.

Griffith University Student Undertaking fact sheet

Health Placement Requirements

Queensland Health Requirements

In preparation for a Queensland Health placement, all Students must complete the Deed Poll, Student Orientation Checklist and Online Orientation Modules before commencing placement within a Queensland Health facility. The Queensland Health Deed Poll is a legal agreement between the Student and Queensland Health.

Please read the information on the:

The Online Modules are all located on the iLearn Learning Management System. The Modules you are required to complete are:

  • First-response evacuation instructions
  • Building-specific emergency procedures
  • Code of Conduct
  • Prevention and Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • Health Safety and Wellbeing Induction

All modules are required to be current at the time of placement.

When registering for your iLearn account please ensure you are registering as a student and use your Placements Officer or Course Convenor details as your supervisor contact.  If you are unsure please contact your Placements Officer in your School for the details.

Please upload the 5 certificates into the individual checks in SONIA under the Checks Tab.

After completing the Online Orientation Modules, please complete the Queensland Health Deed Poll and Queensland Health Student Orientation Checklist located on SONIA Online under the Forms tab.  Please see Fact Sheets for directions on how to complete the forms.

Queensland Health Deed Poll fact sheet

Queensland Health Student Orientation Checklist Notes for Completion

Queensland Health Orientation Online Modules fact sheet

New South Wales Health Requirements

In preparation for New South Wales placements please complete the documents below.

For New South Wales Health placements

Documents to be uploaded to Sonia:

Online Health and Safety Modules:

  • New South Wales Health Learning Management System (HETI Online)
  • You will receive access to HETI Online 2 weeks before your placement is due to commence. There are 7 modules:
    • 4 must be completed by all students, 1 additional module must be completed by all clinical students and another 2 additional modules must be completed by Post Graduate Midwifery Students only.
    • The first 5 modules will take approximately 3.5 hours to complete.