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An overseas placement allows you to experience a different culture, lifestyle and people while offering you the opportunity to practise the skills of your profession and gain practical experience in another part of the world.

More than anything, studying overseas is an opportunity to learn about yourself, discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges and solve new problems. You will encounter situations that are wholly unfamiliar to you and will learn to adapt and respond in effective ways.

Work your way through this checklist and you’ll be ready for your overseas placement!

1. You should check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website often as it provides important information on travel and health advice/bulletins and on passports/visas.

2. Register your travel plans with Smart Traveller thorough the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade before you depart. DFAT warnings may change suddenly from ‘exercise normal safety precautions’ to ‘reconsider your need to travel’, in which case, you may be precluded from travel due to the high degree of risk, you will need to consult your Placement Officer.

3. Complete the Overseas Pre-Travel Checklist and read the Travel Advice for International Placements.

4. Ensure you have appropriate vaccinations specific to the region of travel and prove that advice has been obtained regarding health risks that may be encountered in the region you are travelling to. Visit the GU Health ServiceThe Travel Doctor or your GP.

5. Complete the International Placement Declaration Form and submit to your Placement Officer.

6. Complete the Student Overseas Travel Insurance Information Sheet and submit to your Placement Officer. It is recommended that private travel insurance is obtained for the private component of your journey. Students are NOT covered for medical & dental insurance if returning to their country of origin/homeland. In all cases, students should ensure they have access to additional funds in the event of an emergency for minor medical treatment & dental bills while overseas.

7. Register with ISOS (International SOS). Griffith University subscribes to the services from International SOS, the world's leading provider of medical assistance, international health care and security services. International SOS provides information about destinations before staff or students travel overseas, including medical and security risks and how to stay safe and well when overseas as well as specific information on your destination - including Emergency contact numbers, phone information, voltage and plugs, financial, cultural tips, Embassies and visas. Please ensure that you print a copy of the International SOS member card before travel and keep this card handy at all times as you travel and work. This card contains the Griffith University membership number and phone numbers to access International SOS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you require medical or security advice or assistance.

Your School may have other documentation, forms or pre-departure information sessions that require your attention so please liaise closely with your Placement Officer to ensure you have the best possible overseas placement experience.

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